Monday, August 25, 2008

Re: Our message of change


You're just not listening to a word I say. I don't give a damn about your recorded message or your new bunk mate & I am not going to give you $5.00 until I see some sign of real change.

Matter of fact there's not too much that pisses me off more than a record message. You send emails that make it sound as though we are best buds (to borrow words from my friend Norla) then you add insult to injury by telling me to listen to your recorded message. Stuff it Obama! I'm not interested in any more of your pretty words. I want to see something that doesn't sound like it comes from the McSame campaign.

I was never impressed by your supposedly pretty words. I thought they were just a lot of hot air the first time I heard you speak. I've neither seen or heard anything to change my mind on that issue.

I like Hillary Clinton and I think she would be a much better president than you but when she dropped her campaign and asked us to support you, I did so. Now I am beginning to wonder if I should just throw in the towel.

You sound like just another politician. You didn't help matters by picking Biden as your playmate. It's hard to forget that he was a staunch supporter of the Patriot Act. You also did not help any by your support for the FISA act. What the hell do you expect us to believe when you are right in there flip-flopping with that old coot McSame?

Grow some balls Obama and stand up for this country. The hell with those good old boys. They have had a heavy hand in the attacks on the Constitution of the United States. I am sick of the illegally installed quack from Texas and his thoroughly corrupt side kick, ole Dead Eye Dick. They are the worst thing to ever happen to this country and believe me I know that you voted for a lot of stuff on their wish list.

Now are you going to choose country or the good old boys? It's your call but by damn, it's my vote & I am not going to waste it on just another good old boy.

Now quit being a pansyass and show us some real change.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Obama's VP Announcement

Hi Barack,

This is your 'friend" Maggie. Remember me? You sent me that cute little email announcing your choice for VP? NO? Damn, and it sounded so much like we have known each other for years! I could have sworn, after reading the opening line that you remembered me from someplace but then a friend suggested that it sounded like a Nigerian scam letters.

But you did it faster than the Nigerian scam letters. In 7 lines you got me to the link to tell Ole Joe how glad I was for him to be on the team and that link led me straight to the never-ending requests for MONEY.

Sorry Barack. I'm not glad to see Biden as VP candidate. He's just one of the original good old boys in that useless Congress. I'm sick and tired of the good old boys and their back slapping, self-serving bull malarkey!

My friend Norla wrote to you and congratulated you, saying that you & Biden look good together. I don't disagree with Norla too many times but I think she had that comment all wrong. I think you & Mr. Biden look ALIKE... period. Yep, the thing that stands out like a neon light are your smiles, on and off.... reminds me of a flashing warning light at a railroad crossing.

Come on son. Ditch that phony on & off smile and get that nose down out of the clear blue. I am trying my best to find a reason to vote for you but the thought of looking up your nostrils for the next 4 or 8 years is just not doing the job.

Norla also wrote, " Obama keeps sending me these little notes addressed to Norla and signed Barack, as if we were buds. The man will not even hear my voice if I shout so the phoniness is mildly annoying."

That irks the hell out of me too Barack. You spew a lot of grand, kissy-kissy words but I have seen little of anything about you actually listening to or talking to someone like me. You talk over us, around us and at us but seldom do I see any indication that you are listening to any of us in the real world.

I realize I am not the Obama Girl but for heaven sakes quit talking AT me as though I am a brick wall not worthy of your attention. I can just about guarantee you that my friend Norla & I have some ideas that would provide the good solid asskicking that McCain deserves. I am also realistic enough to know that you will never hear or entertain those ideas because you are too busy pandering to the fundamentalists & the greedy corporations, who have been responsible (through their agents George Bush & Dick Cheney), to wreak the havoc that we have witnessed for the past 8 long years. Are you trying to subject us to another 4 years or 8 years of the insane Bush BS?

So there you stand with that blazing smile & starting to look like a fool because that old coot, McCain is using the republican owned media to make it look as though every word that comes from your mouth is a lie. Kickass already!

By the way Barack, one thing that you seem to have totally ignored is the massive election fraud that has been underway in this country, especially since the Supreme Court Five installed their boy in 2000. Have you even bothered to notice that there are a number of members of Congress who are there, not because of nasty campaigns, even though nasty has been a part of the game, but because of election fraud. Norm Coleman is one....Saxby of Georgia is another. Election Fraud, Barack, and they are preparing to do the same this time. Do you know how many voters, mostly African Americans, have been removed from the voter rolls this past year? You'd better check.

Charlie Crist, gay governor of Florida is not only covering up his gayness by getting married (will he be McSame's choice for vp?) but he is turning a blind eye to people being removed from the voter rolls.

Oh by the way, let's talk about McSame's patriotism. I know you are afraid to touch that but that old coot is no more a patriot or a hero than my pet bird. He survived as a POW. What the hell about that is heroic OR qualifies him to be president?? Even if you don't want to touch that, you can damn sure talk about his votes against the Veterans & seniors over the years. Matter of fact, it seems that the rich old coot is against us common people having any of the goodies he has and he got it all by being an adulterer, a liar and a crook (Keating Scandal).

Ok Barack. It's your turn and please don't pull that "best bud" routine again. It makes me feel as though one of the uncouth heathens from this Redneck Riviera (Florida panhandle) just called me honey. Damn I hate that word.

I think the Democratic party has gone to hell in a hand basket. This may be the only opportunity to turn it around. You need to use your brain and not be railroaded by some of the out of touch, know-nothings around you. John McCain is a disaster waiting to happen. Get off your comfortable ass and get busy.

You have given the impression that you are one of the smartest men alive today. Prove it!


PS: A warm & fuzzy thank you note from your new bunk mate, Mr. Biden, just dropped into my mailbox. He, too wrote as though we were best friends. Obviously he didn't read my "thank you" note because it read in part....."one of the original good old boys. So much for that magnificent change".