Monday, October 15, 2007

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Dear Senator

Sen. Martinez, (Florida)
I realize that I may be wasting my breath writing to you since you seem to support every criminal thing that George Bush & his assistant president, Dick Cheney have done & continue to this country and it's people.

Never the less I am going to tell you that I am damned disgusted with this criminal administration, their attacks on anyone who disagrees with them and all the vile things they have done in our name....... Remember "We The People", Senator?

My disgust reached the overflow point this morning when I tried to send a simple response to an email that I had received and it was repeatedly bounced by my ISP. Phone calls to customer service & then to their headquarters garnered the information that this bounce was caused by key words furnished by the Dept of Homeland Security.... that Nazi organization that you helped establish, if I remember correctly.

Also, if I remember correctly, their first major job was Katrina and we all know how they screwed that one up as people drowned, went hungry or died waiting for help from FEMA. Most of the people caught in this fiasco are still homeless. My, you must be so proud of George.....Gosh, "he didn't know nothing", did he?
Yeah, right!

He freed up New Orleans for the rich developers! Hot damn! Money, money, money....all you jokers seem to think about.

It's about 6 years past time that something was done about this criminal administration. George Bush, Dick Cheney and their gang of thugs have walked all over our Constitution, have lied us into an illegal war, bankrupted the country with their out of control spending spree and destroyed our good name world wide. Additionally they have murdered thousands of innocent people in Afghanistan & Iraq, including almost 4000 of our soldiers, if we can believe that number. Considering that George Bush & Dick Cheney can't seem to open their mouth without telling a lie, there may be more dead soldiers than the numbers we are given.

I am sick of this corrupt, rotten, vindictive & fraudulent administration and their dictatorial actions. I am sick of an equally corrupt Congress sitting on it's ample and overpaid ass doing nothing about these obscenities.

For 6 long years we have been prevented from speaking our mind to this fraud of a president, even insulted to the limit by the recent revelation about the "White House Manual for Silencing Critics". That was not any news to me since the Secret Service had already turned up at my door in April 2001, less than three months after that quack president had seized the office of the presidency with the help of the Supreme 5.

Guess what Sen. Martinez.... I was being questioned as a terrorist suspect even though I am and have been disabled for over ten years. Most days I cannot walk more than a short distance without support. I COULD NOT be a terrorist if I worked at it 24/7. Additionally I would never, ever do anything to harm my country which is more than I can say for that squatter in the Oval office and his old war lords.

I want to know what you politicians, especially the rabid right republicans, have against using our tax dollars to benefit all the people of the USA? How is it that you can justify, (in your minds), spending billions of dollars on an illegal war but you schitt a brick when someone mentions health care for children?

Don't you see something just a little bit cold hearted & compassionless about that? Please don't spew that crap to me that "these people" are trying to free load off the system. It's our damn money Senator. The whole purpose of having a Congress, a Constitution and taxes is for the general good of the people of the USA or did someone forget to tell you that?

It is not for the crazy spending spree that your own little dictator has been on for 6 long years. It is not for you to build bridges to nowhere. It is not for the enrichment of people like Dick Cheney who is still collecting pay check from Halliburton, the company that has stolen enough taxpayer dollars to fund health care for everyone for several years.

I am damned pissed off and I thought I would finally tell you that. I am pissed at the monumental mountain of general purpose form letters that you have for every occasion. I am pissed off at the criminal, dictator wannabe George Bush/Dick Cheney.

I won't even go into that corrupt politicized Justice Dept which has sunk lower than the lowest pits in hell under King George, except to say that I hope the justice system finally catches up with Speedy Gonzales & all his sidekicks who falsely accused and imprisoned Don Siegelman in Alabama.

Now that I have told you what I think of you and this corrupt administration I have one question for you. I know that if you answer it, the answer will come in the form of righteous indignation but I am going to ask anyway: Is the Bush administration blackmailing key members of Congress with the info gathered by their illegal telephone tapping/ email intercepting adventure?

The reason I ask that is because I honestly cannot figure out anything else that would make an entire Congress roll over and play dead for this bumbling, hate-mongering, phony Christian and his gang of thugs and all their lies.

I'm sure that you won't mind my blunt questions & comments. After all it is still a free country......right?