Sunday, May 20, 2007

RE: NY Times Editorial - Their Master’s Voice


RE: Editorial - Their Master’s Voice

I feel obligated to point out the obvious....that the NY Times has done as much as anyone to promote that "master", to make him appear to be something he is not.

In that effort you have failed miserably. Try as you might you could not make George Bush intelligent or competent. Not only that but you promoted him as a great leader while he has been destroying this country from the inside out with the help of the real decision makers, Dick Cheney & Karl Rove. You shoved that useless piece of humanity down the throats of American citizens and the world.

He has shamed and embarrassed the United States with your help. He has bankrupted this country while enriching himself, his greedy family and friends. Billions have disappeared down the sewer line of the Bush gang of thugs and hundreds of thousands of innocent people have perished at his hands, including our own soldiers.

Still the NY Times & other media have given & continue to give him free reign to do as he pleases. You have done your utmost to grant his oft stated wish of being a dictator.

This bumbling, incompetent, know-nothing man operates beyond the laws of this land. Worse still makes his own laws to fit the occasion. He has violated ever single word of his oath of office. He has literally walked all over the Constitution of the United States and referred to it as "just a goddamned piece of paper".

If the NY Times & other media in this country had informed the American people what this nasty man was up to he would now be settled back at that phony ranch playing tiddlywinks with his friends, the Bin Laden family or if there was real justice, he would be sitting in prison looking at a life sentence with no parole. If there was justice he would serve that sentence at Guantanamo along with Cheney, Gonzales and a bunch more of the thugs in this shyster administration.

Why are you not calling for the impeachment, removal from office and prosecution of Bush, Cheney & Gonzales for starters? They have done their utmost to destroy what's left of our democracy. Are you going to continue to bow down to this fraudulent president and his goons or are you going to tell the truth for a change? In other words are you planning to get back to the business of reporting the news?

You did your part in trying to make it look as though former President Clinton has committed a major crime worthy of impeachment & removal from office when he was caught in a lie about a personal affair that was none of your damn business. Why have you given a free pass to the criminal who now squats in the White House, a criminal who started his damning administration by stealing not one but two presidential elections? Why are you molly-coddling a low-life thief?

I believe that the telephone tapping, email snooping, etc., conducted by the Bush-Cheney gang of thugs had one purpose and it was not to find a terrorist. It was done to blackmail those who might speak out against the crimes of this administration, including key members of Congress. We have seen the brazen efforts to operate this government of George Bush in total secrecy.

Unfortunately this has been the one success of George Bush.

I am left to ask, what did he have on the NY Times and other media outlets to not only shut them up but to make them become propaganda machines for the worst, most corrupt administration that this country has ever faced?

As I see it the only hope this country has is another Daniel Ellsberg. Are you looking for that person or are you just continuing to be a mouth piece for this criminal organization that has taken over the government of this country? Are you going to quietly stand by for another 19 months while they finish the job of destroying this country from the inside out?

Will you be continuing to post the lies about Iran and other countries who have the guts to speak out against this criminal?

What if the little dictator decides that he should be master of the universe for the rest of his life? What will you do if that happens?

Spare me the denials and exclamations of horror that I should say such a thing. Remember when Giuliani wanted to cancel elections and keep himself mayor of NY? True, it didn't happen but then Giuliani didn't have control of Congress, the media & the military.