Friday, August 25, 2006

Make a choice Congress People !

It's George or It's Our Country

I have always been told to keep a polite tone when I write to a public official but I can't take this crap anymore. Polite my ass! Why in the Sam Hill should I be polite to people who seem to be aiding and abetting the destruction of the country that I love. I can't stand the lies, deceit and the murder being carried out in my name. Every day it's another blob of half truths, schemes, propaganda and just plain bald faced lies. Just when the hell is this congress going to say stop?

I love my country and I'll be damned if I am going to sit quietly by while this lying bunch of thugs continue to destroy it from the inside out. Hell, anyone with a lick of common sense knows that the flag waving, smirking, fake Christian who squats in the Oval Office is as phony as the day is long. He is also a bald faced liar, a cheat, and a cold blooded murderer. That man has incited more hatred than any other human being in recent memory the name of God, of course. I'm not even sure that Adolph Hitler or the Civil Rights movement of the 60's stirred up as much vile racism, hatred and intolerance. I don't know what kind of Christianity George Bush practices but it's damn sure not the kind that I heard about all my life.

Our Constitution is in a shambles and nothing is being done to prevent further abuses of this precious document which has been the heart & soul of this country for the past 200 plus years but to Bush it's just a goddamned piece of paper. From the obscene Patriot Act to the illegal spying on citizens George Bush has declared himself to be "The Decider" with no regards for the laws of this land or any land for that matter. I am damned sick of turning on the so-called news to see the propaganda of the day and that little self-anointed dictator flipping us a bird and flapping those lying jaws. Bush is not "the Decider". He is our employee and he has screwed this job up so many ways that it completely defies my imagination as to how this Congress continues to ignore his incompetence, his lies and his law breaking actions.

It's damned time that someone stood up to that evil, conniving, miserable excuse for a human being & the gang of thugs who surround him. It is way past time for you in Congress to get off your dead asses and do the job you were hired to do. I remind you of the oath that you took:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

Have you forgotten that oath? Is there any reason what so ever for the governing body of this country to roll over for a wannabe dictator? Are you being blackmailed? Is that what's really behind Bush's (Karl Rove's) spy game? Are you being threatened? If not, what the hell is your excuse for allowing these vile people to trample all over the Constitution and abuse people in and out of this country?

George Bush has violated his oath of office so many times that I wonder if anyone has been able to compile a list of all the atrocities that he has committed.

The Neo-con branch of the Republican Party has taken us down the road towards total destruction. They have practiced systematic deception, bald faced lies and encouraged the worst attributes known to the human race. The remainder of the Republican Party plus the Democrats & Independents have rolled over and played dead for these fear and hate mongering bastards.

If it is blackmail or threats, (and I have become convinced that this is indeed the purpose of the illegal tapping of phones and other dirty games) then it's time that someone in Congress to stand up and spill the beans. I don't believe this country will survive much more of this insanity unless someone, a real patriot, stands up to these murdering thugs and tells this country the whole truth.

Today 2618 of our soldiers have died in Iraq for the Bush/Cheney lies. That's the figure that the Pentagon will admit to. We already know that they have lied about the number of troops injured, providing figures around 4,000 when indeed hospital records showed the figure to be closer to 20,000. Do we also have as many as 20,000 dead? Is the 2618 figure a lie too?

In April 2001, less than three months after Bush was installed in the office of the presidency I was subjected to a visit by the Secret Service (SS) because of a letter that I wrote to a Florida Legislator in defense of several gays students who had been verbally attacked by that legislator in his office. At that time I posted to many people on the internet that this was a sign of things to come under this nasty man and his sidekick Dick Cheney. Less than a month later several grandparents were arrested for simply trying to attend a public event where Bush was appearing. For the first time in the history of our country people were required to sign a loyalty oath to attend events where Bush was present. Who the hell died and appointed this prissy little liar God?

I cannot believe that anyone in our Congress can claim to not know about these obscene violations of our Constitutional rights because hundreds and thousands of us wrote to you, called you and faxed you to ask what the hell was going on. We, the U.S. taxpayers were and are paying for most of the joy rides that Bush has taken to campaign and represent Republicans and only Republicans. We who disagree with 'his royal majesty' have to stand behind fences and get pepper sprayed just for being there.
What the hell is this? The United States of America or The Gestapo Revived?

Bush is not on vacation. He's drinking and this is the only way to cover it up.... at least most of the time. The rare exception has been the appearance of the giant boil that appeared overnight amid claims that he scratched it, while he was waiting for the Supreme 5 to step in and do their share of the dirty work in December 2000. It took a Band-Aid that covered half the right side of his face to cover that scratched "boil" (bruise!)

Next came the Great Pretzel Fight and Bush lost! There have been a few more scrapes, bruises, etc....(mountain bike wins!), that could not be covered with make-up and the puppet masters have laughed off as one clumsy event or another.

He's drunk...dammit! And what time he's not drunk he's probably popping pills! How else can you explain the obvious decline in brain function in the past ten yrs or so?

It would not be necessary to mention the never-ending vacations except for the fact that September 11 happened. Junior was sitting clueless in a classroom in Florida while his evil crew did their dirty work and thousands of U.S. Citizens died....useless, senseless deaths that surely were allowed to happen or were planned and carried out by this good for nothing administration.

Since then we have seen trampling of the Constitution as never before. We have been subjected to just about every kind of terrorist threat that Karl Rove & Dick Cheney can dream up. Once these corrupt men tested the waters to see what they could get away with, they went into full swing. You see the awful results everywhere you look these days. And Congress remains in a rollover state of mind with very few exceptions.

Illegal war? No problem. Congress votes and votes again for millions, billions. What the hell do they care? Are their pockets and off shore accounts filled and waiting? If not Congress, you can bet that the Carlyle Group and Halliburton have provided generously for their bought and paid for stooges. The hell with the American people who have no health insurance, no jobs and no rosy outlook for the future.

Illegal Spying on citizens? No problem.... A couple of senators can throw together a bill to make it legal! Anything for George.

Wanna torture a few rag-heads? You Betcha'. Speedy Gonzales and his lapdogs will twist and fuck over the Geneva Convention to help get those secrets from those twelve year old terrorists.

Rig a few elections? No sweat. Gotcha' covered George. The Republican ownership of these 'made for fraud' machines was no accident. Think Katherine Harris, Jeb Bush and Ken Blackwell. George's poodles have it covered.

More powers for the self-anointed dictator? But of course! Help yourself, George. Haven't you heard Speedy Gonzales & Dead Eye Dick explain that when the pResident does it, it's not illegal.

And if all these obscenities were not enough, way back in Florida, Katherine Harris has just announced that God selects the "rulers" of this country and apparently she expects to be one of the select few, even if the Bush Brothers have thrown her to the wolves. Hey! They still have those damn machines. 'Miracles' do happen with those things.

I'm here to tell you that if there was a god he would have cleared this temple over 5 years ago! Not only would he have cleared it, large numbers of this administration and it's enablers would now be a big fat hot tub of lard frying merrily in hell. A real god would have to rewrite Revelations to deal with this bunch of murdering crooks! Even if you are a gung-ho Christian, you have to be wondering what kind of god is advising George Bush.

Let's back up to the Geneva Convention for a minute because there are a whole slew of people in and around this administration who should be impeached, removed from office, prosecuted for high crimes and misdemeanors, prosecuted and convicted for war crimes and crimes against humanity & then imprisoned for life with no possibility of parole.

Then to give them the justice they so richly deserve, all their assets should be seized to offset some of the damage they have done. If their familes go hungry...tough. Get a job at McDonalds!

Loss of money and power is the only thing these murdering thugs will ever understand. It is the only way that most U.S. citizens could feel that justice was served.

Get your asses in gear Congress. Times awasting! I'm 64 yrs old and I want to live to see this Congress cleaned up and the White House emptied of all the garbage that has gathered there in recent years.

You have to make a choice........... George Bush or our country. To me that choice is a no-brainer.


GenderGappers 2006 – 035

SLIMING A JUDGE A traditional roast features a guest of honor and a group of people who say good natured, humorous, outlandish and sometimes crude remarks about the guest of honor all in a spirit of fun. And most important, the roastee gets to answer and roast her/his roasters in turn.

Rovian politics uses the roast motif but his game is nothing like a roast. It lacks the good humor, the grace and the give and take. It adds vicious lies and promotes hatred turning them into political depth charges against any person who dares to say, do or appear in the same area or organization, as anyone who is against the Bush policies.

Once Rove initiates the initial slime it is issued to the lap-dog columnists and TV pundit-gabbers as talking points. This keeps the slime moving all over the media and blogs so many people are exposed to it. Most remember the Swift Boat slime that was so successfully used against Kerry in the last presidential election. Nearly every day there is another person or organization slimed by the Republican slime lords.

On this Women's Equality Day , August 26, 2006, we celebrate the latest person to be slimed, and nominate Judge Anna Diggs Taylor as Woman of the Year. Finally someone stood up and called Bush what he is -- a criminal. Judge Taylor, a federal judge in Detroit, struck down the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance policy last Thursday. She called it unconstitutional and illegal abuse of presidential power.

Of course the Bush Justice Department quickly filed a notice of appeals which effectively delays Judge Taylor’s ruling to immediately halt the NSA Program. Just as quickly, the judge was denounced for being Liberal, a woman, a tool of the ACLU and of course, their stock in trade, a person who wants to help the terrorists.

It is terrible when public figures are lied about as it encourages the nut cases to plan harmful actions. We’ve seen how judges have been a target in the recent past and must applaud the courage of Judge Taylor who surely knew what kind of Hell her findings would bring.

We all must lend our support to her and a group has already set up a web-site where we can send Judge Taylor our words of support and find a link to her entire decision.


Visit the GenderGappers link page: GenderGappers articles may be forwarded if you wish, and translated into other languages, but please keep them intact. All issues are archived at the following site:

Monday, August 07, 2006

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Where have all the Pro-Lifers gone: Long time passing...

By Jane Stillwater

The Middle East is on fire. The Dogs of War have been loosed and they are ripping the eyes out of the skulls of dead babies. And just to show you that I am no Mel Gibson, babies are being butchered in Israel as well as Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon. Have our "leaders" gone crazy? I lie awake nights crying because I'm so frustrated that there is NOTHING I can do to stop this gory dismemberment of our young.

But there is one group of people who DO have the political clout to stop this insane and bloody maiming of babies. You know who I'm talking about. The same people who haunt the malls and websites of America with photos of dead fetuses. The same people who lament and be-moan abortions.

Pro-Lifers? Baby protectors? Where are you now?

This savage and brutal slaughter of innocents in the Middle East is one of the most -- if not THE most -- horrendous disasters to strike the infants of our world since the end of World War II. Not since Herod....

Pro-Lifers? Baby protectors? Where are you now?

The world's babies are being cruelly mauled, exploded, massacred and dissected. Partial-birth abortion is not even CLOSE to being as extreme and nauseating as this.

Pro-Lifers? Baby protectors? Where are you now?

PS: Speaking of double standards, "Where have all the Christians gone?" And the Jews? And the Muslims? Have they "gone to neo-cons cons every one"? Sing along, boys and girls. "When will they ever learn? "When will they -- ever -- learn?"

A Bush-Cheney neo-con with a lust for power in his heart and blood in his eye is NOT a Christian. An Osama bin Ladin neo-con with a lust for power in his heart and blood in his eye is NOT a Muslim. And a Olmert-Peres neo-con with a lust for power in his heart and blood in his eye is NOT a Jew. They are wolves in sheep's clothing. And make no mistake. WE are the sheep. "Bon appetite."