Thursday, December 22, 2005

Our pRes Is A liar

Our president Is A liar!

He was lying then and he is lying now!

A must watch 5 minute video: Windows media and Flash format

Angry About the Strike? Then Where's Your Outrage at Politicians & Goldman Sachs?

And if you believe the city and state governments are in such financial dire straits that they can't afford $20 million, then how do you feel about the city and state governments recently giving away $2 billion of your hard-earned taxpayer dollars to Goldman Sachs, one of the wealthiest, profitable investment banks on the planet?

That's right, New York - your hard-earned taxpayer dollars were handed over to Goldman Sachs so they could build themselves a new palatial office.

You'd think Americans would wake up to the idea that Republicans are always keeping us in deep doo-doo. Eisenhower kept sending spyplanes over the Soviet Union. They caught us. Nixon, well you know about Nixon, Republican as hell. Then Reagan's Contras and death squads in Central America, and now this idiot. Who's going to be next, Rush Limbaugh? How dumb can we be? Why not try someone who's smart? It can't get worse.

Don Phelps

To the ID's (Intelligent Designers): How come God put nipples on Adam?


“This is the right thing to do for the country,” Schumer said after the deal had been announced. “To let the Patriot Act lapse would have been a dereliction of duty.”

Once again the Democratic "leadership" rescued defeat from the jaws of victory. What a sell out!.......... Jay Hubbell, Democracy Depot


ECONOMY -- TREASURY SECRETARY CLAIMS CLINTON'S SURPLUS WAS A 'MIRAGE': Bloomberg reports that Treasury Secretary John Snow called the $127 billion budget surplus left by President Clinton a "mirage." Upon entering office, President Bush immediately whittled away the Clinton surplus, running up a deficit of $319 billion in 2005 primarily through handsome tax cuts for the wealthy. But Snow incredulously believes "the president's legacy will be one of having significantly reduced the deficit in his time." "Snow's comment would be laughable if it weren't so pathetically and obviously inaccurate," said Thomas Mann, a political analyst at the Brookings Institution. Snow's economic analysis that Clinton's surplus "wasn't a real surplus" ranks up there with Vice President Cheney's prior claim that "deficits don't matter."

The ‘Most Corrupt' Congress EverIncluding Elements of the Black Caucus
by BC Publishers Glen Ford and Peter Gamble

The term "corruption" is vague, as is "theft" and "fraud" and other crimes. The "pork" that seems to be the princely meal savored by American legislative gluttons, is but one aspect of corruption. Putting aside the bid to fund "bridges to nowhere" in Alaska, the most gruesome (and lucrative) manifestation of endemic corruption is the Iraq war and occupation - a cash cow for favored corporations, and even companies that did not exist previous to the war and the promise of "reconstruction" of Iraq. However, even the rip-off of billions in this scam (and the theft of billions in Iraqi oil revenues) does not come close to describing the enormity of the crime: an attempt to steal the resources of a vast swath of the Earth, far beyond the boundaries of Iraq, and to transfer the proceeds to private hands, all the while billing the American public for the military muscle required.

Now, that's corruption, by anybody's definition.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Prodigal Frog Sez'

After being asked to leave by the end of next year, The Bush Administration has already began its bombardment of pathetic excuses why we can't! This began with Condi Rice stating today that she didn't think Iraq could handle terrorism in its OWN country WITHOUT our help in that short a time span! The difference between the Bush view and Iraq's view cannot be better illustrated than by what Iraq ALSO said yesterday! If you read the WHOLE article* as opposed to JUST what was under the pictures (Placed there for Republican benefits) then you would ALSO understand Iraq ordered all of its citizens released that were not already sentenced or had sentences pending with a court date! This stems from Bush's attempt to stamp out all resistance whether they are actually terrorists or not by phosphorous bombing or napalming them or attacking them conventionally! The survivors, innocent or not, are then rounded up and jailed indefinitely without the benefit of trials! Iraqi's understand this and distrust Americans for this reason! It seems Bush came to Iraq, intent on stopping the torture of its citizens by torturing them himself! In fact, it appears Iraq has learned well from its occupiers, ALREADY torturing people in dungeons! Iraq ALSO made it abundantly clear, that Iraqi's participating in bombing incidences had a legal right to do so as long as INNOCENT arab's were not targeted! Well, when we THINK about that, that ONLY leaves Foreign born terrorists and American citizens which they now VIEW as legitimate targets for insurgents! So it seems Bush is intent on keeping our troops there for years while the Iraqi Govt excuses KILLING them! One can ask why Bush would do this?

Of course the answer is simple: Regardless of the govt Iraqi's want (Pro Iran/Islamic Law) Bush does not have the Govt HE wants there yet! (Pro American Business) Bush needs American Corporations to be able to FORCE their feet in the Middle East's oil and to be able to sell American products there! Bush KNOWS that if he leaves before he has an American Puppet in Charge, they will TOSS American's and their greedy corporations OUT on their ears and his wars will have been for NOTHING! This was the ORIGINAL reason I was against the war to start with! Down thru the decades of my life, I have learned that almost ANYTIME our country starts a war, it is for something that will be a net gain for our Godless corporations who have interests seeded thru out our govt thanks to their billions! At least this has been the case post WW2. This is of course true for the Democratic party too but in the past, they have been at least reluctant to involve us in wars over economics, though they have passed trade treaties just as bad for Americans! It seems our corporations are out to do ANYTHING to seize control of America and the World to increase their profits! The eventual aim is a One World Govt under fascism! Eventually we will WORK for the company Store, Live in the Company subdivision and BUY from the company store all designed to make us Economic slaves to them! They will even control our wages because they can raise the prices of their rent and products to offset any wage gains! By doing this, it keeps money FLOWING into the corporation and AWAY from workers!

Meanwhile Back in Iraq, Our boys are over there becoming LEGAL targets of the Same Govt we just installed, sorta, to increase profit margins for our corporations! We can also DIE for the company store it seems! Already 2000 plus American's have died for this STUPID Bush Policy! How can anyone THINK this is about terrorism anymore? It began with 911. They used the "Rebel Yell" to unite Americans into one massive mind set and then perverted the deaths of our very own citizens into their agenda! Like Rumsfeld said, "There are no interesting targets in Afghanistan!" and every since then, Bush has down played Afghanistan's importance, drawing troops from that terrorist laden country into Iraq! Afghanistan was a SECONDARY target!Remember O'Sama Bin Laden? Well, he's STILL over there even though recently Bush announced pulling 4000 troops from there in favor of Iraq! In fact, at the time Iraq HAD NO TERRORISTS and DIDN'T so until long AFTER the invasion. The terrorists became so put off by our ignoring them that they began pouring across the borders and ENTERING Iraq to GET to us! That's pretty bad when Bush says he's going after terrorism and misses them so badly that terrorist have to relocate to GET to us! In fact Iraq is NOW becoming a terrorism BREEDING ground and Bush has merely miscalculated their resolve! Why do you think Bush entered Iraq so unprepared? Not enough troops, no body armor, no armor for MOST of our military vehicles! I say its because he THOUGHT there were no terrorists in Iraq (A correct assumption at first) and didn't see the need for protection! All he wanted was to Force open Iraq's oil fields thereby lowering the cost of oil and Iraq was easy pickings because they had an Iraqi army that was basically demoralized by losing two major wars! He assumed Iraq would be a cake walk and NEVER contemplated terrorist relocating to get to us in massive relocation programs! He also never calculated Iraqi's JOINING in against him. He is an idiot though and MAJORLY wrong! Iraq IS an Islamic country! 2/3's are arabs and only an idiot would think an arab would side against another arab to help blue eyed Americans pilfer their resources to increase the profit margins of Haliburton and Exxon! What a BUMBLING Idiot! What's amazing to me is that these corporations backed Bush at all, but they needed an average looking Joe Blow like Bush to win! (Corporations think Bush is an average american and 52% of the really ignorant in America BOUGHT into that scenario! He looked great Against Kerry with all his billions! Don't get me wrong. Kerry is better than Bush and grew up in the middle class so he better than Bush knows how the Average American lives but the Democrats guessed wrong on one count! They didn't calculate Kerry coming off as a billionaire and Rove is a master at lying and making people think they've seen the truth!

So where do we go from here? Of Course I am biased having a daughter AND a nephew now serving and BOTH returning recently from Iraq! (My daughter leaves there in a week) But that is not my only reason for wanting to withdraw! I love America too. We must weigh our net gains with our net losses and CHANGE the way we think!

First off, we have to change our foreign policy! The First thing we have to do is NEVER again use our military for economic reasoning! I have NOTHING against helping to free the world's people and HIGHLY believe in freedom. But, if you do that, you do it for freedom alone and you never do it by launching wars! You get the people oppressed to free themselves and you do it without attaching stipulations such as doing Business with us! That is selfish and TWO faced and is exactly why our countries image has and is being damaged! Freedom is its own reward and security in the world is best based on democracies! This is best based on allowing a people to free its self by supplying them with money and assistance! When you do this and DON'T stick in selfish reasons, those people will THANK you later! We must also recognize that not ALL govts that are NOT democratic are evil! There are hundreds of examples of non democratic govts in the world and in the past that in fact were quite good and did lots for their people! You only need to worry about those that are NOT free and that Harm MOST of their people! Lots of govts are monarchies, socialistic and democratic and do WELL for their people! If they are successful, LEAVE them alone! Because a govt has ONE leader, doesn't make it evil! Europe and south America have many examples of these countries! Even China is an example. Though China is not perfect yet, they ARE moving in that direction and I believe sooner or later they will be ok. They are the way they are because our Govt NUDGED them in that direction but did NOT go to war to FORCE them! Wars are highly destructive and SELDOM solve any problems! They should be reserved for TRUE self defense and in the case of extreme genocide! America cannot afford to be the world's police either economically or thru its sons and daughters due to limited man power!

Secondly, we need to change our govt at home! We are very two faced to the world! we preach about helping the oppressed and poor souls of the world but we treat our own people no better than many of today's unsuccessful govts! We deprive them of decent wages while we breed billionaires in excess! 44 million can't even afford health care! Why do we do this? It is thru greed! The wealthy know there is a limited amount of money here and recognize they can only remain billionaires if MOST of Americans are poor! So they use the power of their wealth to lobby laws to make it EASIER for them to keep their wealth! Don't be fooled! Most of their money is not EARNED: It's STOLEN! Stolen from workers who they vastly under pay for their services! When it comes down to it, workers are business owners too. Their widgets are hours they work and they should have the same rights as a Business when determining prices! Prices are determined by supply and demand but wages are NOT! At least not Legally! They are interfered with in MANY instances! One example is the FED! When raises rise too fast, the FED raises interest rates clamping down on the money supply which has the effect of cutting off capital needed for the rise of wages! CEO wages have gone up astronomically the past 4 decades but nobody interfered in that? Why should they interfere in the wages of lower paid Americans? And if the govt's allowed to do that, Then the govt SHOULD set a basic wage that ALLOWS Every American to have at least the basics! No One should be paid a wage so low, he cannot possibly live on it and thereby be FORCED to live off welfare JUST so some billionaire can make 100 million as opposed to 40 million! A basic Federal minimum wage should be high enough and KEPT that way automatically being adjusted for inflation to insure the Following:
1. Reasonable Healthcare
2. Housing
3. Transportation (To get to work and back)
4. Education (So that today's workers can keep up when a corporation dumps them)
5. Food
6. A little for savings for a rainy day!

Personally, in today's job market I think it should be some where between $12-15 an hour with healthcare provided by the job or the govt! It should also be tied to inflation rising with it without any votes! If the cost of living is 2% then the next year it automatically rises that much! Congress just voted them a 7% pay raise and has received pay raises every year just about for awhile! They also get free healthcare and Pensions if they serve a minimum amount of time!

I can hear them now! Oh, That will hurt business! The poor will suffer. LOL The poor are already suffering and I dont care if it DOES hurt business! America is NOT in the business of helping corporations that HURT their workers! If they cant make a buck without screwing their workers, I say tough shit! You shouldn't be in business anyhow! Sure some will go under and it will take a transition period but a few years down the road we will be much better off than we are now! This bleeding heart Liberal doesn't bleed for billionaires or millionaires! People today act like going from a billionaire to a millionaire is so sad! I should have such rotten luck!

The Prodigal Frog

*Iraqi Leaders Call for Timetable for U.S. Withdrawal, by SALAH NASRAWI , AP