Thursday, July 05, 2007

Chuck Shumer's Outrage

I’m outraged. President Bush commuted Scooter Libby’s prison sentence wiping away two and half years of jail time with the stroke of a pen. President Bush ignored Libby’s felony conviction for lying to investigators, ignored the jury’s guilty verdict, and ignored the rule of law that governs our nation. We expect more from our President. We expect honor and integrity, we expect moral leadership. We expect our President and his staff to be held to a higher standard. Tell George Bush: I’m appalled by your actions. No man is above the law. ...... Sen. Chuck Schumer

Dear Chuck,
So what the hell are you outraged about? Hell, you have been patting that little pissant on the head and giving him everything he wants for the past 6 years. More money to continue his murderous war? You Betcha! Junior bankrupts the country and what's your answer..... Give him more money than he asked for. Hot Damn! We're on a roll today!

You expect honor, integrity and moral leadership from George Bush????? ROTFLMAO! Surely yee jest? Do you really think that we are so dumb that we haven't noticed that little drunken frat boy flipping you a bird for the past 6 years? Surely you must know that he and Tricky Dickie howled with laughter after he told Patrick Leahy to "Go F**k Yourself" on the floor of the Senate? Did you really think that we haven't heard about these shenanigans?
I'm also sure that you know that Bush called the Constitution "just a goddamned piece of paper"? Why on earth would you expect high standards from this gang of thugs after that comment is beyond me.

Appalled at his actions? I've been appalled at what this low-life scumbag has gotten away with since he was appointed president in 2000. It does not seem to have registered anyone in the hallowed halls of Congress. You have totally ignored the truth and the American people.

Our signature on this silly petition will give King George his laugh for the day? Congrats, Chuck. I'm sure the little puppet dictator & his evil sidekick are quaking in their shoes.

Magginkat....... Pissed Off Voter