Thursday, December 22, 2005

Our pRes Is A liar

Our president Is A liar!

He was lying then and he is lying now!

A must watch 5 minute video: Windows media and Flash format

Angry About the Strike? Then Where's Your Outrage at Politicians & Goldman Sachs?

And if you believe the city and state governments are in such financial dire straits that they can't afford $20 million, then how do you feel about the city and state governments recently giving away $2 billion of your hard-earned taxpayer dollars to Goldman Sachs, one of the wealthiest, profitable investment banks on the planet?

That's right, New York - your hard-earned taxpayer dollars were handed over to Goldman Sachs so they could build themselves a new palatial office.

You'd think Americans would wake up to the idea that Republicans are always keeping us in deep doo-doo. Eisenhower kept sending spyplanes over the Soviet Union. They caught us. Nixon, well you know about Nixon, Republican as hell. Then Reagan's Contras and death squads in Central America, and now this idiot. Who's going to be next, Rush Limbaugh? How dumb can we be? Why not try someone who's smart? It can't get worse.

Don Phelps

To the ID's (Intelligent Designers): How come God put nipples on Adam?


“This is the right thing to do for the country,” Schumer said after the deal had been announced. “To let the Patriot Act lapse would have been a dereliction of duty.”

Once again the Democratic "leadership" rescued defeat from the jaws of victory. What a sell out!.......... Jay Hubbell, Democracy Depot


ECONOMY -- TREASURY SECRETARY CLAIMS CLINTON'S SURPLUS WAS A 'MIRAGE': Bloomberg reports that Treasury Secretary John Snow called the $127 billion budget surplus left by President Clinton a "mirage." Upon entering office, President Bush immediately whittled away the Clinton surplus, running up a deficit of $319 billion in 2005 primarily through handsome tax cuts for the wealthy. But Snow incredulously believes "the president's legacy will be one of having significantly reduced the deficit in his time." "Snow's comment would be laughable if it weren't so pathetically and obviously inaccurate," said Thomas Mann, a political analyst at the Brookings Institution. Snow's economic analysis that Clinton's surplus "wasn't a real surplus" ranks up there with Vice President Cheney's prior claim that "deficits don't matter."

The ‘Most Corrupt' Congress EverIncluding Elements of the Black Caucus
by BC Publishers Glen Ford and Peter Gamble

The term "corruption" is vague, as is "theft" and "fraud" and other crimes. The "pork" that seems to be the princely meal savored by American legislative gluttons, is but one aspect of corruption. Putting aside the bid to fund "bridges to nowhere" in Alaska, the most gruesome (and lucrative) manifestation of endemic corruption is the Iraq war and occupation - a cash cow for favored corporations, and even companies that did not exist previous to the war and the promise of "reconstruction" of Iraq. However, even the rip-off of billions in this scam (and the theft of billions in Iraqi oil revenues) does not come close to describing the enormity of the crime: an attempt to steal the resources of a vast swath of the Earth, far beyond the boundaries of Iraq, and to transfer the proceeds to private hands, all the while billing the American public for the military muscle required.

Now, that's corruption, by anybody's definition.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Prodigal Frog Sez'

After being asked to leave by the end of next year, The Bush Administration has already began its bombardment of pathetic excuses why we can't! This began with Condi Rice stating today that she didn't think Iraq could handle terrorism in its OWN country WITHOUT our help in that short a time span! The difference between the Bush view and Iraq's view cannot be better illustrated than by what Iraq ALSO said yesterday! If you read the WHOLE article* as opposed to JUST what was under the pictures (Placed there for Republican benefits) then you would ALSO understand Iraq ordered all of its citizens released that were not already sentenced or had sentences pending with a court date! This stems from Bush's attempt to stamp out all resistance whether they are actually terrorists or not by phosphorous bombing or napalming them or attacking them conventionally! The survivors, innocent or not, are then rounded up and jailed indefinitely without the benefit of trials! Iraqi's understand this and distrust Americans for this reason! It seems Bush came to Iraq, intent on stopping the torture of its citizens by torturing them himself! In fact, it appears Iraq has learned well from its occupiers, ALREADY torturing people in dungeons! Iraq ALSO made it abundantly clear, that Iraqi's participating in bombing incidences had a legal right to do so as long as INNOCENT arab's were not targeted! Well, when we THINK about that, that ONLY leaves Foreign born terrorists and American citizens which they now VIEW as legitimate targets for insurgents! So it seems Bush is intent on keeping our troops there for years while the Iraqi Govt excuses KILLING them! One can ask why Bush would do this?

Of course the answer is simple: Regardless of the govt Iraqi's want (Pro Iran/Islamic Law) Bush does not have the Govt HE wants there yet! (Pro American Business) Bush needs American Corporations to be able to FORCE their feet in the Middle East's oil and to be able to sell American products there! Bush KNOWS that if he leaves before he has an American Puppet in Charge, they will TOSS American's and their greedy corporations OUT on their ears and his wars will have been for NOTHING! This was the ORIGINAL reason I was against the war to start with! Down thru the decades of my life, I have learned that almost ANYTIME our country starts a war, it is for something that will be a net gain for our Godless corporations who have interests seeded thru out our govt thanks to their billions! At least this has been the case post WW2. This is of course true for the Democratic party too but in the past, they have been at least reluctant to involve us in wars over economics, though they have passed trade treaties just as bad for Americans! It seems our corporations are out to do ANYTHING to seize control of America and the World to increase their profits! The eventual aim is a One World Govt under fascism! Eventually we will WORK for the company Store, Live in the Company subdivision and BUY from the company store all designed to make us Economic slaves to them! They will even control our wages because they can raise the prices of their rent and products to offset any wage gains! By doing this, it keeps money FLOWING into the corporation and AWAY from workers!

Meanwhile Back in Iraq, Our boys are over there becoming LEGAL targets of the Same Govt we just installed, sorta, to increase profit margins for our corporations! We can also DIE for the company store it seems! Already 2000 plus American's have died for this STUPID Bush Policy! How can anyone THINK this is about terrorism anymore? It began with 911. They used the "Rebel Yell" to unite Americans into one massive mind set and then perverted the deaths of our very own citizens into their agenda! Like Rumsfeld said, "There are no interesting targets in Afghanistan!" and every since then, Bush has down played Afghanistan's importance, drawing troops from that terrorist laden country into Iraq! Afghanistan was a SECONDARY target!Remember O'Sama Bin Laden? Well, he's STILL over there even though recently Bush announced pulling 4000 troops from there in favor of Iraq! In fact, at the time Iraq HAD NO TERRORISTS and DIDN'T so until long AFTER the invasion. The terrorists became so put off by our ignoring them that they began pouring across the borders and ENTERING Iraq to GET to us! That's pretty bad when Bush says he's going after terrorism and misses them so badly that terrorist have to relocate to GET to us! In fact Iraq is NOW becoming a terrorism BREEDING ground and Bush has merely miscalculated their resolve! Why do you think Bush entered Iraq so unprepared? Not enough troops, no body armor, no armor for MOST of our military vehicles! I say its because he THOUGHT there were no terrorists in Iraq (A correct assumption at first) and didn't see the need for protection! All he wanted was to Force open Iraq's oil fields thereby lowering the cost of oil and Iraq was easy pickings because they had an Iraqi army that was basically demoralized by losing two major wars! He assumed Iraq would be a cake walk and NEVER contemplated terrorist relocating to get to us in massive relocation programs! He also never calculated Iraqi's JOINING in against him. He is an idiot though and MAJORLY wrong! Iraq IS an Islamic country! 2/3's are arabs and only an idiot would think an arab would side against another arab to help blue eyed Americans pilfer their resources to increase the profit margins of Haliburton and Exxon! What a BUMBLING Idiot! What's amazing to me is that these corporations backed Bush at all, but they needed an average looking Joe Blow like Bush to win! (Corporations think Bush is an average american and 52% of the really ignorant in America BOUGHT into that scenario! He looked great Against Kerry with all his billions! Don't get me wrong. Kerry is better than Bush and grew up in the middle class so he better than Bush knows how the Average American lives but the Democrats guessed wrong on one count! They didn't calculate Kerry coming off as a billionaire and Rove is a master at lying and making people think they've seen the truth!

So where do we go from here? Of Course I am biased having a daughter AND a nephew now serving and BOTH returning recently from Iraq! (My daughter leaves there in a week) But that is not my only reason for wanting to withdraw! I love America too. We must weigh our net gains with our net losses and CHANGE the way we think!

First off, we have to change our foreign policy! The First thing we have to do is NEVER again use our military for economic reasoning! I have NOTHING against helping to free the world's people and HIGHLY believe in freedom. But, if you do that, you do it for freedom alone and you never do it by launching wars! You get the people oppressed to free themselves and you do it without attaching stipulations such as doing Business with us! That is selfish and TWO faced and is exactly why our countries image has and is being damaged! Freedom is its own reward and security in the world is best based on democracies! This is best based on allowing a people to free its self by supplying them with money and assistance! When you do this and DON'T stick in selfish reasons, those people will THANK you later! We must also recognize that not ALL govts that are NOT democratic are evil! There are hundreds of examples of non democratic govts in the world and in the past that in fact were quite good and did lots for their people! You only need to worry about those that are NOT free and that Harm MOST of their people! Lots of govts are monarchies, socialistic and democratic and do WELL for their people! If they are successful, LEAVE them alone! Because a govt has ONE leader, doesn't make it evil! Europe and south America have many examples of these countries! Even China is an example. Though China is not perfect yet, they ARE moving in that direction and I believe sooner or later they will be ok. They are the way they are because our Govt NUDGED them in that direction but did NOT go to war to FORCE them! Wars are highly destructive and SELDOM solve any problems! They should be reserved for TRUE self defense and in the case of extreme genocide! America cannot afford to be the world's police either economically or thru its sons and daughters due to limited man power!

Secondly, we need to change our govt at home! We are very two faced to the world! we preach about helping the oppressed and poor souls of the world but we treat our own people no better than many of today's unsuccessful govts! We deprive them of decent wages while we breed billionaires in excess! 44 million can't even afford health care! Why do we do this? It is thru greed! The wealthy know there is a limited amount of money here and recognize they can only remain billionaires if MOST of Americans are poor! So they use the power of their wealth to lobby laws to make it EASIER for them to keep their wealth! Don't be fooled! Most of their money is not EARNED: It's STOLEN! Stolen from workers who they vastly under pay for their services! When it comes down to it, workers are business owners too. Their widgets are hours they work and they should have the same rights as a Business when determining prices! Prices are determined by supply and demand but wages are NOT! At least not Legally! They are interfered with in MANY instances! One example is the FED! When raises rise too fast, the FED raises interest rates clamping down on the money supply which has the effect of cutting off capital needed for the rise of wages! CEO wages have gone up astronomically the past 4 decades but nobody interfered in that? Why should they interfere in the wages of lower paid Americans? And if the govt's allowed to do that, Then the govt SHOULD set a basic wage that ALLOWS Every American to have at least the basics! No One should be paid a wage so low, he cannot possibly live on it and thereby be FORCED to live off welfare JUST so some billionaire can make 100 million as opposed to 40 million! A basic Federal minimum wage should be high enough and KEPT that way automatically being adjusted for inflation to insure the Following:
1. Reasonable Healthcare
2. Housing
3. Transportation (To get to work and back)
4. Education (So that today's workers can keep up when a corporation dumps them)
5. Food
6. A little for savings for a rainy day!

Personally, in today's job market I think it should be some where between $12-15 an hour with healthcare provided by the job or the govt! It should also be tied to inflation rising with it without any votes! If the cost of living is 2% then the next year it automatically rises that much! Congress just voted them a 7% pay raise and has received pay raises every year just about for awhile! They also get free healthcare and Pensions if they serve a minimum amount of time!

I can hear them now! Oh, That will hurt business! The poor will suffer. LOL The poor are already suffering and I dont care if it DOES hurt business! America is NOT in the business of helping corporations that HURT their workers! If they cant make a buck without screwing their workers, I say tough shit! You shouldn't be in business anyhow! Sure some will go under and it will take a transition period but a few years down the road we will be much better off than we are now! This bleeding heart Liberal doesn't bleed for billionaires or millionaires! People today act like going from a billionaire to a millionaire is so sad! I should have such rotten luck!

The Prodigal Frog

*Iraqi Leaders Call for Timetable for U.S. Withdrawal, by SALAH NASRAWI , AP

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Boozer Bush

W. gets by with a little help from Jack and Jim.

It doesn’t explain everything, but it explains a lot: George Bush, our president, is hitting the bottle again. The drinking rumors have been making the rounds for months, and even before that people speculated that Bush’s “accidents”—choking on a pretzel, dropping his dog, crashing his bicycle—were “alcohol-related.” For someone who makes such a point of flaunting his physical prowess, his habitual clumsiness is somewhat suspicious. After all, Bushie (his wife Laura’s pet name for him, just as it’s his pet name for her, which is a bit creepy) first gained prominence as a high-kicking, back-flipping sis-boom-bah male cheerleader at Yale.

Of course, we are all familiar with Bush’s epic battle with the bottle: He boozes his way through college; he is persistently liquored up through his 20s (failing to show up for National Guard duty, but never missing booze-drenched weekend barbecues with his Texas buddies); into his 30s, he is so continuously sloshed that he screws up every sure-thing business venture his daddy sets up for him; at 40, so the story goes, his wife gives him the made-for-the-movies sound-bite ultimatum, “Bushie, it’s me or Jim Beam,” and the chastened former cheerleader renounces alcohol forever. (In a medium shot, we see Bushie mournfully pouring out the last of a fifth of bourbon onto the patio pavement, while Laura witnesses the act with a wifely look of affection, relief, and secret triumph.)

Bushie’s renunciation of booze has gained such mythic status that many people (Republican true believers) conveniently overlook the fact that his renunciation of adult beverages was hardly a redemptive turn of fortune. All that happened was that Bush the obnoxious drunk became Bush the obnoxious teetotaler, proclaiming that his life was now in the hands of Jesus Christ, not Jim Beam.

But the recent revelations about Bush slugging down Southern Comfort as Iraq goes down the tubes and New Orleans goes down the drain calls into question whether he actually gave up booze and gave his life to Jesus in the first place. That Bush continued to hit the sauce after taking the pledge explains a good deal of his weird behavior, one minute scared s—tless, the next, after a secret swig of Early Times, inflated with Texas swagger.

One minute Bush goes limp with fright when desperate aides inform him that planes have crashed in the World Trade Center; the next minute, stiff with bravado, he boasts of his resolve to get Osama “dead or alive.” One minute, when he hears Hurricane Katrina howling, he cringes like a scaredy-cat behind his Mama; after a few pops of Old Granddad, he’s full of phony bluster, telling his feckless FEMA chief, “Brownie, you’re doin’ a heckuva job.”

Other creepy traits of our commander-in-chief make sense when seen in the light of his unacknowledged alcoholism. There is his adolescent habit, for instance, of conferring nicknames on all who come within his ken. We all know drunks who, deep in the throes of inebriated bonhomie, bestow terms of affection on friend and foe alike.

One can almost feel Bush’s sticky breath and his humid embrace as he christens his confederates, immortalizing them with his own special brand of corny wit: Turd Blossom (Karl Rove), Lima Green Bean (Karen Hughes), Number One (Barbara Bush, who is no doubt relieved that Junior did not name her Number Two), Guru (Condoleezza Rice), Big Time (Dick Cheney), Balloon Foot (Colin Powell), Ali (Barbara Boxer), Big O (Olympia Snow, who may or may not wonder at the cheekiness of Little G’s presumption regarding the magnitude of her orgasms), and last but not least, Pootie Poot (Vladimir Putin, who in times past might have launched the Doomsday Machine upon receiving a moniker with connotations of the female genitalia).
Bush’s prolonged sousitude also explains his verbal miscues, his syntactical insurgencies, his grammatical catastrophes. It’s as if the bourbon marinade left deadly lacunae in his already diminutive brain, making it impossible for the most elementary thought to navigate its way through the decimated labyrinth of his frontal lobes.

Then there are the quirky smirks, the bug-eyed glares and goofy grimaces, his words and facial expressions so out of sync that you are reminded of a badly dubbed Japanese monster movie. Finally, what about all those lip gyrations when Bushie is under stress, the tiny mouth working this way and that as if it were engaged in attempting to remove the cap from a bottle? It must be the sauce.

Dissent is the highest form of patriotism

I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.-Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Correcting Mistakes - New York Times style.

TO: Arthur O. Sulzberger, Jr. October 2, 2005
Publisher, New York Times

Dear Mr. Sulzberger,

I quote from an article by Ms. Gail Collins in today's editorial section:

"We correct all errors, from heart-stoppingly egregious to sublimely insignificant, because we believe that The Times should take its reputation for accuracy seriously. But mistakes of significance are much more urgent than minor ones. They need to be corrected quickly, and in a way that guarantees the fix is seen by as many people who read the original piece as possible."

So, would you explain to me why you are not correcting all the lies written by Ms. Judith Miller in support of the illegal war in Iraq but instead you are shown escorting her from jail and putting her on a pedestal as a symbol of virtue among journalists?

Doesn't the hypocrisy create a massive gag reflex?

If the Times had an ounce of integrity left, it would have fired Miller months ago, perhaps even before you fired the young black journalist for lifting the work of other writers.

Please explain why one set of rules for the young black man and a different set of rules for the rich white liar?

Your actions demonstrate that "mistake of significance are much more urgent than minor ones" & "they need to be corrected quickly" is a joke.... a nasty joke played on the American people.

An earlier statement from your newspaper "Judy has been unwavering in her commitment to protect the confidentiality of her source" is so laughable that it defies the imagination. The only thing that Ms. Miller seems to be committed to is one bald face lie after another. The only question that remains is how long will the Times continue to make excuses and cover her backside. That woman is just as responsible as Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc. for the murder and mayhem that has been going on in Iraq for the past two years.

Your endorsement of this corrupt woman thereby makes your hands just as bloody as the ones who planned and carried out this illegal military action.

The only conclusion I can reach as a reader of the NY Times is that it's really true that the media become nothing more than a propaganda machine that doesn't even blink at the lies anymore?

Shame on you for treating your country in this manner.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Pig Farm Quickly Vacated- Pretend Concern for Katrinas's Victims

Bu$h couldn't get out of Crawford fast enough after Hurricane Katrina. He pretends that he is making a great sacrifice by shortening his 50th vacation by two days! Then.... Off he goes to make a speech to commemorate the 60th anniversary of VJ Day which he obviously thought was more important than bothering with those pesty poor people who were wading in water and human feces in New Orleans.

Along comes hate mongering Matt Drudge, doing what he does best and posting bald faced lies about the German people & others that he thought were not providing the lockstep, kiss ass service that he considered necessary to stay in his good graces as if any thinking human being gives a damn what Drudge thinks.

This morning Der Speigel ran the following article which mentions among other things the hundreds of hate mails they received thanks to Drudge's hog wash.

Katrina Demonstrates How Wide the Atlantic Really Is---By Charles Hawley in Berlin,1518,372565,00.html

I sent my own feedback to Der Spiegel:

Please allow me to speak as an American with eyes wide open.

First of all Matt Drudge is one of the worst hate mongers in the United States. That vile excuse for a man has never met a lie that he didn't love. If he can't find a suitable lie from sources like Fox New's Bill O'Reilly or similar source, he simply manufactures his own lies.

Matt Drudge and his ilk do not represent the U.S.

Secondly, if other countries choose not to help the U.S. I can certainly understand why since we sat on our backsides allowing the so-called leaders of this country to run roughshod over most of the world and saying, "there's nothing we can do about it".

Thirdly, if other countries did want to send people to help, I shudder to think what they would have to go through to gain entrance to this country with George Bush and his gang of paranoid thugs in charge. I can just visualize a large number of helpers being held incommunicado in some secret prison because one of those fools may decide that he is a terrorist.

Please don't think that the oceanic divide is as wide as fools like George Bush and Matt Drudge would have you believe. Most citizens of the United States are decent and caring people. We just happen to be caught in a spot with a fraudulent president who thinks he is some kind of god, and loud mouthed, lockstepping fools like Drudge pretending to speak for the entire country. Unfortunately the media in this country are either owned by goosestepping conservatives or controlled by them and aided and abetted by the likes of loud mouth Drudge.

They don't even speak for one third of this country. I apologize for the hate mongers who have decided to attack you. I don't even blame your politicians for pointing out the obvious; that George Bush does not give a royal hoot about the environment and seems total oblivious to science or anything else that contradicts his screwed up thinking.

Please note that while New Orleans was sinking into the mud along with it's poorest citizens, Bush was giving meaningless, say nothing speeches as usual. A New York Times editorial says, "George W. Bush gave one of the worst speeches of his life yesterday, especially given the level of national distress and the need for words of consolation and wisdom.....Nothing about the bu$h's demeanor yesterday - which seemed casual to the point of carelessness - suggested that he understood the depth of the current crisis........... Complacency will no longer suffice, especially if experts are right in warning that global warming may increase the intensity of future hurricanes. But since this administration won't acknowledge that global warming exists, the chances of leadership seem minimal."

And The Union Leader said: "Bush carried on with his plans to speak in San Diego, as if nothing important had happened the day before."

As you can see we are fully aware as to what an incompetent, corrupt, leader we have. What we haven't figured out yet is how to get this 'don't give a damn person', through the rest of his term without starting WWIII and/or totally bankrupting our country. One thing that would help is for more world leaders to speak out against this war criminal and demand that he & his gang of thugs be brought to justice instead of coddling him and being fearful of saying anything that might hurt his feelings.

Frankly, I am sick of world leaders rolling over and playing dead for this schoolyard bully just as our own Congress has done. No one seems to give a damn about the distruction & misery he has created. Stop the non-sense. George Bush is as corrupt as the day is long. He doesn't give a damn about you or me.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Somewhere on Pig Farm Road.................

Yesterday evening a common thug barreled down Pig Farm Rd just outside that phony ranch and mowed down the rows of white crosses that honored our fallen soldiers. The jerk who did this was caught a short time later with evidence still hanging on his truck. He was charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief.

MISCHIEF??? How about attempted murder?

Did you hear that on Friday or Saturday morning when bu$h and his gawd forsaken caravan were hot 'rodding' out of the ranch for his fund raiser (or meeting) they tore past the camp at 5:30 am with all the horns blaring full blast till they were out of sight. How childish can that bastard get? Did anyone hear that mentioned on the news?

Oh it's so much more important to drown us in the damned Gaza strip crap. And where is that treasonous Karl Rove? What else is that ffffffffing idiot up to behind the doors of the pig farm.

I must say that all the driver of the pickup truck was doing was following the example set by his illustrious leader who seems to think that he and his goons are above the law of this or any other country. Both bu$h, the gun toting bu$h lover and the thug in the pickup truck were cheered on by Faux Spews, some idiot named Gallager, the usual hate sites and more than likely Karl Rove & george bu$h!

Keep on asking questions people. Who benefits from 9-11? Who lied & lied and lied about the reasons for this illegal & illicit war? Who benefits from all these activities?

Who is scared to death of a poor mother who is asking too many questions about the "noble causes" of one george bu$h?

From True Majority:

Stand Up With Cindy Against This Intimidation

Last night a pickup truck dragging chains ran over the rows of white crosses on the side of the road next to Cindy Sheehan's vigil in Crawford, Texas.[1] And you probably already saw the news yesterday about President Bush's neighbor firing a shotgun into the air trying to scare the mothers of fallen soldiers who have gathered around Cindy.

Cindy and the other moms in Crawford have vowed to stay, and now a neighboring rancher, who is a veteran, has offered them some of his nearby land if they need it. He is standing up. Tomorrow night all of us can do the same, at more than a thousand candelight vigils across the country.

Here's a page where you can find the vigils planned near you:

Don't let the Coward of Texas & his hate mongering supporters have the last word on this illegal & murdering war.

Speaking of George, I understand that he was riding his bike yesterday out at the ranch. (I hope no London Bobbies got in his way). He took a 2 hour bike ride and when he got back, he was asked how he could go for a two hour bike ride when he doesn't have time to meet with me, and he said: "I have to go on with my life." (Austin Statesman, August 14) WHAT!!!!!????? He has to get on with his life!!! I am so offended by that statement. Every person, war fan, or not, who has had a child killed in this mistake of an occupation should be highly offended by that remark. Who does he think he is? I wish I could EVER be able to get on with my life. Getting on with my life means a life without my dear, sweet boy. Getting on with my life means learning to live with a pain that is so intense that sometimes I feel like throwing up, or screaming until I pass out from sorrow. I wish a little bike ride could help me get on with my life. I can't believe that someone who is the figurehead of an administration that has killed tens of thousands of innocent people doesn't spend his days hiding under his bed in shame, let alone riding his bike. ..... Cindy Sheehan, Crawford, Texas... somewhere on Pig Farm Rd.

Christian Conservative take on the PNAC agenda. "So we are spending money that we do not have in a country that was not a threat with an eye towards other military targets in the same region. Based on the encouragements in the letter above and recent statements from the administration we seem to be following the agenda of the PNAC rather than the American people and our elected officials who are apparently mute or just plain ineffective about this matter. This situation is probably in part the result of the pervasive fear the citizens of this country felt after 9/11. We are willing to trade many of our liberties for a measure of security. We, by our sheep-like silence, must also be willing to give up the last vestiges of our constitutional republic in favor of becoming an empire builder. As the vulture-like war hawks circle overhead, we must also be prepared to give up our Judeo Christian heritage for questionable dominance over those too weak to fight our counterfeit superiority. I can almost discern the death rattle."


Nothing Is Ever The President's Fault By Reggie Rivers

Each new Bush administration story reminds me of the scene in the movie "Good Will Hunting," when Robin Williams' character, a counselor, has a breakthrough with Matt Damon's character.
"It's not your fault," Williams says over and over to the brilliant but troubled Will Hunting, whose overly aggressive, angry, self-destructive behavior constantly lands him in trouble. Hearing that it was not his fault, Hunting eventually breaks down, sobbing uncontrollably. He's finally on the path to redemption.

In America's version of this drama, President Bush lacks Hunting's brilliance but he's got the aggression and destruction mastered. He insults, dismisses, attacks, denies and disappears - usually to his ranch in Texas, where he has so far spent 20 percent of his presidency on vacation.

This week, Bush bypassed the Senate and appointed controversial figure John Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations. Bolton had been the subject of five months of debate in the Senate, because many people suspected he manipulated intelligence prior to the war in Iraq when he was the undersecretary of state for arms control.

Rather than turn over requested documents that might have exonerated Bolton or nominate a different candidate, Bush decided to wait until the congressional session ended and install Bolton through an infrequently used provision that allows the president to make recess appointments.
Bush's critics have charged him with abandoning the political process and misusing a process that was designed for emergencies, not controversies. But Bush doesn't worry about his critics. Instead, he focuses on his supporters, who always give him absolution.

"It's not your fault," they've told Bush. The blame, they say, lies with partisan Democrats who held up Bolton's appointment. Bush had no choice but to ignore the Senate.

So far, nothing in Bush's 4 1/2 years in office has been his fault. He's either been ignorant of problems that developed within his administration or he was forced by outside groups to take drastic action.

It wasn't his fault that an impostor kept the Denver 3 from attending a March town hall meeting at the Wings Over the Rockies museum or that the Secret Service has refused to identify the man. It wasn't Bush's fault that his adviser, Karl Rove, was involved in the outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame.

The intelligence failures prior to Sept. 11 weren't Bush's fault. Neither was the bad intelligence about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. It wasn't his fault that he insulted and alienated U.S. allies who demanded proof of Iraq's guilt prior to the war.

The abuses at the Abu Ghraib prison weren't his fault, nor was the establishment of an extralegal camp at Guantanamo Bay where Bush abandoned the Geneva Convention. A few rogue soldiers committed all the abuses, and the terrorists created the need for Guantanamo Bay.

It's not Bush's fault that there was no post-war plan in Iraq. Nor can he be blamed for our skyrocketing national debt, budget deficits and war costs. He can't be blamed for the more than 1,800 U.S. soldiers who have been killed in Iraq; the insurgents bear responsibility for that.
In the movie, the counselor said "It's not your fault" to Hunting exactly 10 times, and it worked, because deep down, Will Hunting believed that his miserable childhood and the actions of his abusive father were his fault.

President Bush has been absolved more times than we can count, but he's never going to have a moment of introspective clarity, because the public is only confirming what he already believes about himself. Nothing is ever his fault.

So why not start a war? Why not cover up for Rove? Why not ignore the Senate and appoint Bolton? Why not take another vacation? His supporters will never blame him for anything, so Bush may as well do whatever he wants.

(c) 2005 Reggie Rivers

Just wait till Jesus gets his hands on you, you little bastard...... Abbie Hoffman

Friday, August 12, 2005

Revolution At The Pig Farm

George bu$h said our son's & daughter's lives were taken for a "noble cause"...... Noble to him, the Coward of Texas but not to us, the parents of the children caught up in this quagmire, and certainly not to Cindy Sheehan whose son, Casey, was murdered in Iraq just over a year ago.

Cindy has been camped outside the pig farm, now known as vacation spot of the century, waiting for a lazy, don't give a damn person who calls himself the President of the United States, asking this cowardly, loudmouth to simply walk outside and talk to her.... to tell her just what is this "noble cause".

Come on george, you with the great smirk and the phony strut that makes you look as though your are nursing a diaper rash, what are you so afraid of? You seem to think that you are such hot, the mighty bu$h! So why are you so afraid of one petite woman who simply wants to have a short discussion with you.

Cindy just wants to know how on earth you consider the murder of her son to be a "noble cause". Are you really so damned arrogant that you think it's noble to die for your bald faced lies? Have you ever had a conscience? Even as a child? What happens to turn a human being into such a brazen, corrupt, murdering thug with not a speck of conscience?

Whatever happened that made you turn out to be such an arrogant, self-serving SOB? You will have to answer for it someday and something tells me that Cindy Sheehan is going to do something that the cowed, corporate owned Congress doesn't have the guts to do. Her Revolution at the Pig Farm may bring down your high and mighty arrogant ass! I hope I live to see the day that you and your gang of thugs are frog marched into a prison for the rest of your lives.

It's the beginning, georgie boy. I can feel it now. In the coming days you will have you looking over your shoulder for a change. You will find that the laws of this country apply to you too. I just hope that the day your goons turn on you comes soon, to put a stop to the evil that will be forever connected to your foul name.

The Revolution at the pig farm is showing who really supports the troops and it ain't you george. We see that phony, pious face as you pretend to pray. We see the instantaneous smirk and smile before the "amen" makes it out of the preacher's mouth. We know that you wouldn't know the Ten Commandments if they slapped you in the face. You have flipped the Ten Commandments a bird as you continue your murderous rampage against two defenseless countries. You, the school yard bully, are the kind of person who makes one hope that there is indeed a god and that he is exactly what you and your rabid right wing fundamentalists claim because if there is, you will surely fry like a blob of lard in the deepest part of that hell which you use to frighten small kids & dumb fundamentalists.

To quote Shelia Samples in an article today at Lew Rockwell site, - - - "Bush might wish later that he had come out to meet with Sheehan upon her arrival Saturday when there was but a handful of supporters accompanying her. If the media covered the meeting at all, he would have been portrayed as a caring president, and by Sunday it would all have been over. But that isn't how Bush operates. He does not negotiate; remember, his will is strong, his resolve will not be broken. Bush is not satisfied until everything he touches turns into a steaming, odious pile of manure. So - as Bush likes to say, "history will show" the Revolution started on a steamy August the pig farm.

Who knew? Who would have believed just a week ago that, after all our years of hard work, the crude and pitiless Bush would run out there, ram his middle finger in the face of a heartbroken mother, and jump-start the Revolution?

By the time Cindy Sheehan leaves her station at the pig farm, Bush will know that he was wrong."

Yeah george, I have to agree with Shelia Samples, you will truly know the meaning of the word "Mother". "Ultimately", Shelia says, "Mother will bring out troops home".

Another half dozen of our sons died yesterday, george..... 44 so far this month and we are not even half way through the month of August. But you don't give a damn do you george? It's just collateral damage to you isn't it? Collateral damage that you don't want to look at and that you don't want the American people to see. Heaven forbid that those coffins coming home by the plane load be shown to the American people as they might turn on your ugly arse overnight.


Just wait till Jesus gets his hands on you, you little bastard...... Abbie Hoffman

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Cindy Sheehan - George's Nightmare on Prairie Chapel Rd

Dear Cindy,

Good for you. I could not be prouder if you were my own daughter or sister! Keep on being a thorn in the side of this lying administration. If I could afford the trip & the rental of a wheel chair, I would be in Crawford with you with my favorite bumper sticker printed out in huge letters, "I Served, Bush Deserted" !

Since I don't have the means to join you, I will publicize your good work every chance I get. In a few minutes I am going to call my Senator (Nelson - Florida) to ask that he and other members of this roll over Congress take immediate steps to put a stop to this silly little man from Crawford and his Nazi like actions when they threaten you with arrest for simply utilizing your guaranteed right to protest him or any other elected official who is abusing the powers of the office he occupies.

I am the mother of a son who served 14 months in Iraq and who managed to return safely. I, like you, supported my son and other soldiers, because I know they are not responsible for the insanity of our greedy, self-serving leaders.

I am also an Air Force Veteran and the widow of a Vietnam era Air Force officer. That does not in any way influence my opinion about George bu$h, his theft of the presidency, the lies about this war and dozens of other atrocious lies that have become the trademark of one, george bu$h.

This heartless administration and those who support their actions have the blood of thousands of innocent bystanders as well as that of our sons, daughters, or spouses on their vile hands. I, personally, will never forgive any of them for their support of this murderous, blood bath which has reduced two innocent countries, who posed no threat to us, to a pile of rubble.

I have never been more ashamed of my country's leaders and the actions of those leaders than I have been since this usurper was allowed to occupy an office to which he is not entitled. Added to this shame are the atrocities that this miserable excuse for a human being has committed in that name of this country and in the name of God, of course!

I know that I don't have to tell you that if there is a God he is probably cursing the day he allowed this little cretin to be conceived. Heaven knows that george bu$h is no Christian. He doesn't know the meaning of the Commandment, "Thou shalt not kill" not does he care. He illustrated that in the arrogant way he lied us into war and in despicable way you and other military families who have lost loved ones have been treated.

This country is in grave danger of losing the freedoms our forefathers fought for so gallantly. We need to do everything we can to hang on to our Constitution and to see that those elected or appointed to public office abide by them also. No man is above the laws of this country and that especially means george bu$h.

Don't let that cowardly little weasel scare you. You have the support of millions, thanks to the internet and to the media which seems to be slowly awakening from a long slumber.

Give Him Hell Cindy! You have the truth & millions of other Moms (& Dads) on your side.



How to support Cindy Sheehan:

Monetary donations are needed and can be sent to:
Crawford Peace House
P.O. Box 710218
Dallas, TX 75371-0218

Come to Crawford: The Crawford Peace House is located in the center of Crawford, Texas on Hwy185 and the railroad tracks, 9142 5th Street, Crawford, Tx. 76638-3037.

The Vigil is on Prairie Chapel Road near the entrance to Bush's ranch. Email your support.

Send messages of encouragement to:
Get the latest news from these websites:

Just wait till Jesus gets his hands on you, you little bastard...... Abbie Hoffman

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Harper's Weekly Review (excerpts - With Comments)

As the culmination of its $1.4 billion "Return to Flight"effort, NASA launched the Space Shuttle Discovery intoorbit. Almost immediately, the shuttle shed pieces of insulation and hit a bird. George W. Bush watched the launch on a small television and clapped his hands, and NASA grounded all future shuttle flights. ((Oh goody, goody?))

Russia offered to send a rich person to orbit the moon in exchange for $100 million.

The U.S. House ofRepresentatives voted down CAFTA, the Central AmericanFree Trade Agreement, even though it was already approved by the Senate. House leaders (read Tom Delay - Supercrook) then held the vote open for forty-seven minutes until they had changed enoughRepublican votes to approve the agreement.

American forces killed eleven Iraqi militants near Iraq'sborder with Syria, a suicide bomber killed twenty-fiveIraqi army recruits northwest of Mosul, a suicide bombingat a Baghdad hospital killed at least five people, and a bomb killed two Britons in Basra. ((Overnight 6 more US Soldiers were murdered because of bu$h lies))

Iraq's Prime MinisterIbrahim al Jaafari called for the prompt withdrawal ofU.S. troops from the country; General George Casey, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, said that troop withdrawal could begin by spring 2006 "if the political process continues to go positively." ((He said prompt withdrawal, General))

King Fahd died. A massive dust cloud thousands of miles across was heading from theSahara Desert toward the United States, and the Pentagon was stalling to avoid the release of more photographs and videos from Abu Ghraib prison. The videos are said to show young boys shrieking as they are anally raped.

German archaeologists reconstructed a 28,000-year-old stonephallus nearly eight inches in length. There was evidence, they said, that the phallus had been used as a tool. ((Evidence? what evidence??))

Bush's favorite dirty joke was reported to be: "The only time I ever hit two good balls is when I step on a rake." ((Sheeze, that's not what I heard. In Florida the rumor has surfaced many times that he had to get brother Jeb to donate sperm to produce the twins!))

The Senate went into recess, and George W. Bush appointed John Bolton to be ambassador to the United Nations. The Bush Administration started referring to the War on Terror as "the global struggle against violent extremism," and Karl Rove received a $4,000 raise.
((Ah... so the violent was given a whopping pay raise for ...... Leaking Valerie Plame's name??))

Ukraine fired all of its traffic policemen; traffic was not noticeably affected.

A huge patch of ice was discovered on Mars, and an object possibly larger than Pluto was discovered beyond the orbit of Neptune. "Someone should have found this before," said an astronomer.

Canada and Denmark were arguing over the claim to Hans Island, an uninhabited one-half-square-mileof land 682 miles south of the North Pole, andultra-nationalists in Israel held a "pulsa denura"ceremony to call on the angels of destruction to killAriel Sharon.

An executive at Coca-Cola said that the company would soon start producing a soda that burns calories, and monsoons in India killed at least eight hundred people and scattered the carcasses of seventeen thousand goats around Bombay. Officials in Senegal, concerned about the encroaching desert, were considering aproposal to plant a three-mile-wide, 4,375-mile-long wall of trees. ((now that would be a solution for the Mexico/US border!))

Florida was infested with iguanas, an Australian eel nicknamed Eddie was seen swallowing a goose, and British zoo authorities sent a parrot into seclusion after the bird told two policemen, a mayor, and a vicar to fuckoff.-- ((forgot bu$h & Blair?))

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Monday, August 01, 2005

Vacation for George!

Ah.... August 1st and our magnanimous leader needs another vacation! This one will the 50th trip to the pig farm in Crawford, TX since he slithered into the Oval Office 5 yrs ago, never mind the vacations to Camp David and other places.

According to Scott McClellan, press secretary, george likes to spend time outdoors clearing the brush and riding his bike AND this year he will speak to Americans about being physically active! Wow! The anticipation! The suspense!

Has it ever dawned on him that most Americans don't have a yacht, a private pool, a gym, servants, and most of all don't have someone else to do their job for them?! Nah.... that was a dumb question. George doesn't read and doesn't think. That's Turd Blossom's job.

Clearing brush? Is that the same tree, posed on the side of the same ditch for the past 5 years?

I can see it now..... George struts down the side of the ditch with someone holding the back of his pants (off camera of course) so that he does not go crashing down on his face..... strikes a pose, (cut the camera) ....the chain saw started by someone who knows how and is handed to him (still off camera). Pose george, pose. Big smirk ..... a few pictures..... ah... that takes care of george's farming for the day. On to the next photo-op.

Mr. Magnificent has to be the most underworked and overpaid public servant in the history of this country. As previously mentioned and quoting from the mouth of the great one himself, he doesn't read. So it's no surprise that he doesn't have a clue what is going on in the country and the world.

If he did read he might know that National Geographic News is reporting that Rare Fossil Embryos dating back 190 million years were recently found in South Africa. But no, his handlers won't tell him about that because it interferes with his religious beliefs. You see george thinks that the earth was formed shortly before the birth of one Jesus Christ..... maybe a few thousand yrs ago!

National Geographic is interesting reading and even more interesting is what others are saying about george's plans for the world.

'Universal Democracy' Is the Goal As Congress Eyes New LegislationWhen senators return to Washington this September, they will be set to consider new legislation that would commit America to ending tyranny the world over.

What a goal! What at farce awaits him! One only has to look at what he has "accomplished" already. Take for example this film that illustrates so vividly what he has done to Iraq, it's people and to our soldiers who are forced to serve in this hell on earth..........

June, 2005 Video Release by the Iraqi Resistance - The Cowboys in Iraq

Bush and his team of thugs should be forced to watch this film every night before going to bed. They are most deserving of the nightmares that would surely follow. (Warning, this film is very graphic, especially towards the end)

If bu$h bothered to read he might know that most of the world is now aware that....
"This war has been advanced on lie upon lie. Iraq was not responsible for 9/11. Iraq was not responsible for any role al-Qaeda may have had in 9/11. Iraq was not responsible for the anthrax attacks on this country. Iraq did not try to acquire nuclear weapons technology from Niger. This war is built on falsehood."
- Rep. Dennis Kucinich, April 1, 2003

Or more correctly stated... this war was built on bald faced lies!

If george bu$h bothered to read he might have read this ad placed by one of his supporters in Pensacola Florida:

We have a chest freezer that works fine, however it is full of rotted meat from sitting without electricity after Hurricane Ivan. Yes, you read that right... it's been almost a year and it has been sitting in my garage. I'm too much of a girl to want to even consider dealing with it. I have decided to just buy a new one so I'm giving this away. It's been plugged in all this time so except for right after Dennis it has remained refrozen. It is absolutely disgusting however and will require some major, major cleaning.
But It's free!

Gosh, wouldn't that be a good job for king george to perform while on vacation. Just think what he could accomplish if he got rid of all the rotten meat in his administration. What a lofty goal for a vacationing pResident! If only he could read.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Isaac Peterson - in response to "What Pisses Us Off"

Here is a list of things that are guaranteed to put me in a worse mood than Judge Judy with a toothache:

1. I have not inherited the country I was promised as a kid. "Work hard and stay out of trouble and that's all you need to do to realize the American Dream." BULLSHIT

2. The dumbing down of the population. I spend an awful lot of time trying to counter the stormtroopers of stupidity. Willful ignorance is not a positive. It pisses me off more than words can express that so many have bought into the fiction that knowledge, critical thinking, freedom of though and expression, and just plain old-fashioned curiosity and asking questions are things that need to be discouraged and/or extinguished.

3. The entire far right wing agenda. Perpetual and "pre-emptive" war make my gums bleed. As does the push to exempt the obscenely wealthy from shouldering their fair share of this country's burden, with the expectation that the rest of us should shut up and welcome the opportunity to kiss their asses and call it ice cream just for their existing.And the dismantling of the social safety net.And the view that education is not a right, but a privilege.The same with health care.The erosion of our rights, freedoms, and liberties, as well as the perversion of what the Constitution is and what it stands for.The view that big business has more rights than I do and should be able to do whatever the fuck they want to me and mine (and yours, and all of us) in the name of maximizing profits.Etc, etc, etc, etc.

4. The religious right's stranglehold on top government officials The fact that so may are pushing for us to be a dumbed down theocracy, building a bridge to the Middle Ages, and the desire for our own American Taliban.

5. The myth of the "liberal media." I'm in the media and I'm here to tell you that people like me amount to one of the most under-represented minorities in the USA.

6. The co-opting of the media, and so many in the media's willingness to smooch this administration's ass. I highly resent the move to make the news "entertaining," with breathless coverage of celebrity flatulence, "human interest stories" that are NOT interesting (or even newsworthy), the "if it bleeds, it leads" emphasis on news, the over-reliance on flashy graphics at the expense of actually providing, facts, details, perspective, and context...The emphasis on "style" over substance...Don't get me started.

7. The fact that the Ann Coulters and Michael Savages can buy and sell me based solely on their willingness to lie, distort, fabricate, bloviate, and regurgitate the Republican spin of the day makes my teeth hurt. Also

7a. That so many people eat that shit up

7b. The demise of the Fairness Doctrine

8. George W. Bu$h. Just the sight of that sanctimonious wienie or the sound of his voice makes me want to lose not just my lunch, but every meal I've had since last Wednesday.

9. The transformation of EVERYTHING into a "commodity" that can be bought and sold: The environment, health care, etc.10. The transformation of citizens into "consumers." Or cannon fodder.That was all just off the top of my head. There's a lot more, believe me.--

"I pledge impertinence to the flag-waving jerks of America. And to the Republicans, which I can't stand, abomination, underhanded fraud, indefensible, with lip service and injustice for all."

But how could I have neglected to mention some of the fucksticks at the top of the list of things that make me want to grab an assault rifle: Creationists and the religiously insane, as well as their crusade to obliterate scientific knowledge and inquiry? And to have that intellectually bankrupt crap shoved down the throats of our schoolchildren and enacted into law?Also, the Trojan horse that calls itself "intelligent design"?

How is it that some of the dumbest bastards that ever existed on earth can claim the mantle of "intelligent" design, when there is so little intelligence evident in their ranks? If these brain dead bottom feeders ever encountered intelligence, it would be as strangers passing on the street. And what "intelligent designer" would design the likes of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Arnie Schwarzenegger, Trent Lott, etc.?

Lifted from Isaac Peterson - Minnesota

Friday, July 08, 2005

Jackson Thoreau on the Treasonous Karl Rove

As right-wing criminals like G. Liddy mangle the historical record and hypocritically lecture us on ethics in the wake of the disclosure that former No. 2 G-man W. Mark Felt was Bob Woodward's Deep Throat, manypeople are ignoring an obvious connection, writes Jackson Thoreau.

The current occupants of the White House have long engaged in dirty tricks that make Liddy and co. look like the bumbling fools they largelywere. Bush engaged in similar actions as coordinator of the campaign of an Alabama Republican Senate candidate, while Rove was even paid byRepublican organizations to lead seminars on college campuses, lecturing young Republicans on how to engage in dirty tricks of their own.

You think all the phony fliers and dirty tricks in Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004 and other places were just coincidences? Theywere born during Rove's Watergate-era seminars.

ATTN: Bush, Delay, Frist, et al...Just wait till Jesus gets his hands on you, you little bastard...... Abbie Hoffman

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

June 28, 2005

The following is what Bush really said Tuesday night at Fort Bragg, N.C., as provided by Grandma Maggie

Gosh, hehehehe! smirk, smirk.

I'm tickled pink to be able to use the Ft. Bragg soldiers as a backdrop for this speechifying of mine.
My greatest responsibility as president is to tell the truth ..... Ha ha ha ho hoho!. Oh that was a good one!

Where would I be without cannon fodder like you?

I thank your families, for mostly keeping their big mouth shut & for waving those Chinese made flags.

The soldiers and families of Fort Bragg have contributed mightily to my efforts to secure oil for my good friends at Halliburton, etc and for me of course! I am so grateful that I am about to pee my pants because I have been so successful in deceiving you..

The troops here and across the world are fighting for a bald faced lie. September 11, 2001 is my crowning jewel. I still can't believe that you suckers are still buying that line!

The terrorists who attacked you and the terrorists you face, murder in the name of a totalitarian ideology that hates freedom, rejects tolerance and despises all dissent..... Yes sireee Sam, That's me!

My aim is to remake the Middle East in my own grim image of tyranny and oppression by toppling governments, by driving decent people out of the region and by keeping you terrorized.

To achieve these aims, I will continue to kill: in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and elsewhere.

I believe that free societies are essentially corrupt and decadent and, with a few hard blows, I can force you to retreat until you bow down and kiss my feet.

After September the 11th, I made a commitment to PNAC & Uncle Dicky: This nation will be attacked again. I will defend my lies and will fight dissent where ever it shows it's ugly head.
Iraq is the latest battlefield in this war.

I don't have to tell you that I kill innocent men, women and children on the streets of Baghdad because they are followers of the 'dissenters' you see in New York, Washington and London.
There is only one course of action against them: to kill them before you get your dumb heads out of your ass.

Our mission in Iraq is as clear as the center of a tornado: We're killing anyone who gets in our way. We're helping Iraqis become the terrorists that I need to convince others that they must be my ally in this war, no matter how big a lie must be utilized. We're not advancing freedom in the broader Middle East. We are making a new source of violence and instability and laying the foundation of never-ending war for our children and our grandchildren.

The work in Iraq is difficult and it is dangerous. I love to see the images of violence and bloodshed that shows the horror and the suffering. They know whose the boss.
Amid all this violence, I know Americans ask the question: Is the sacrifice worth it?
You're damn tooting it is worth it. And it is vital to the future of my plans for other countries who get in my way.

Some of the violence you see in Iraq is being carried out by Iraqis who are trying to defend their country. Damn those who dissent & bring attention to my grand PNAC plans.

They fight because they know that the survival of my hateful ideology is at stake.
They know that as my kind of freedom takes root in Iraq, it will inspire millions across the Middle East to join their dissent.

Some wonder whether Iraq is a central front in the war on terror. On that account there is no debate. I've made sure that this will be my center for decades to come.

I talked to my buddy, Osama bin Laden down at the pig farm in Texas and he says: This third world war is raging in Iraq. The whole world is watching this war. He says it will end in misery and humiliation.

I know that the outcome will leave them emboldened. So we are waging a campaign of murder and destruction. And there is no limit to the innocent lives we are willing to take.

You can see the nature of the enemy when you look at me. Mine are savage acts of violence, but they have not stopped the insurgents nor has it brought me any closer to achieving my strategic objectives.

I have broadcast my atrocities for the world to see. My actions have not forced a mass withdrawal by our allies. Why should it? I am bribing those bastards with your money on a daily basis.

The lesson of this experience is clear: I can kill the innocent, and no one can stop me as long as I have you suckers snowed with my fabrications and bald faced lies.

The only way my enemies can succeed is if I allow you to forget September the 11th, this will not happen on my watch.

A little over a year ago, I spoke to the nation and described my coalition's goal in Iraq. I said that the Bu$h mission in Iraq is to a joyous success and you believed it. I told you that I would defeat an enemy and give strength to a friend -- and I did. I just gave Halliburton another contract in spite of them getting caught while they were funneling money to me and my best buds!

I outlined the steps I would take to achieve this goal.

I would pretend to hand authority over to a sovereign Iraqi government. I would help Iraqis hold elections of my choosing by January 2005. We would continue helping Halliburton to rebuild anything their little hearts desired. I would encourage more international support for Halliburton's thievery. And we would keep Uncle Dick in his hidey hole to avoid embarrassment at his near fatal slips of the tongue. We had to give that old boy a jolt a few days ago in Colorado or one of those out west places.

In the past year, I have made significant progress.

One year ago today, I presented a pretend sovereignty to the Iraqi people. By January 2005, more than 100 thousand Iraqi men, women & children had died because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I continued with efforts to convince them turn over their country to me. Turning over a country after three decades of tyranny is hard, but they will see another three decades if they don't get their asses out of my way.

My progress has been uneven, but progress is being made. You think that I am improving roads and schools and health clinics; that I'm working to improve basic services like sanitation, electricity and water and that together with our allies, we will help the new Iraqi government deliver a better life for its citizens. ROTFLMAO! Keep on watching Fox you ninnies!
In the past year, the international community has stepped forward with vital hands out for bribes before they would participate in Bush's folly. Some 30 nations have troops in Iraq, (about ten each) and many others are contributing non-military assistance. (That means I am paying a premium price for lip service).

More than 80 countries and international organizations recently came together to decide what they could do to stop my march across the Middle East. Once again.....ROTFLMAO!

Today, Iraq has more than 160,000 security forces trained and equipped for a variety of missions including how to kick my ass. Iraqi forces have fought bravely, helping terrorists and insurgents in Najaf and Samarra, Fallujah and Mosul.

And in the past month, Iraqi forces have led a major terrorist campaign in Baghdad called Operation Lightning, which has led to the capture of hundreds of innocent Iraqi citizens.

The progress in the past year has been non-existent, and but I do have a clear path forward. To complete the mission, I will continue to hunt down for Osama Bin Laden. (hehehehe... why do you think I make so many trips to the pig farm in Crawford).

I have decided that the best way to complete the mission is to keep murdering people so that Iraq can never govern itself, sustain itself and or defend itself.

So my strategy going forward has both a military track and a political track.

The principal task of our military is to pretend find and defeat the terrorists. And that is why I am on the offense.

And as I pursue the terrorists, our military is are losing members every day.

My strategy can be summed up this way: As the Iraqis stand up, I will keep my Texas ass as far away from this mess as possible.

I have made progress, and killed over 1700 US troops in the process, but I have a lot more work to do.

My coalition is dragging it's ass & are slow to provide resources and manpower to this critical task.

Today, hundreds of nations are working toward a common objective: How to kick my stupid ass back to Texas or worse but I am staying the course.

I am taking three old new steps:

First, we are partnering coalition units with Iraqi units. Let some of them get killed to take the heat off me for all of our military deaths. These combined operations under Donald Rumsfeld are giving Iraqis a chance to experience the most unprepared armed forces in the world.
Second, we are embedding coalition transition teams inside Iraqi units to tattle on the ones who slip away to join the insurgents. These teams are made up of bribed coalition members who live, work and die with their Iraqi comrades.

Under Rumsfeld command, they don't have a snowball's chance in hell of messing up my plans, matter of fact they don't have a snowball's chance in hell...period!

Third, we are working with the Iraqi ministries of interior and defense to help them develop command and control structures according to Dick Cheney. Ho ho ho, this is too good!
We're also providing them with civilian and military leadership training, under Rumsfeld so Iraq's new leaders will never effectively manage their forces in the fight against error.

The new Iraqi security forces are proving their courage every day. More than 2,000 members of Iraqi security forces have given their lives for Rumsfeld's stupidity. Thousands more are now training to serve their new god and savior,...........ME.

A major part of our mission is to train them so they can do the dying, and then our troops can come home. I recognize that Americans want our troops to come home as quickly as possible. Forget that shit!

Some contend that we should set a deadline for withdrawing U.S. forces. Let me explain why those people are full of crap.

Setting a timetable would allow Americans to see what a damned liar I have been & I don't want to get my ass impeached. It would send the wrong signal to our troops, who have been fed a continuous diet of my propaganda & they would know that they are risking their lives to get oil for my good buddies, Cheney, Kenny Boy....oops! Never mind, I don't really know that guy.

And it would send the wrong message to the American people , who are already suspicious of some of my stories.

Some Americans ask me, If completing the mission is so important, why don't you send more troops? You gotta be schittin' me. I trust Uncle Donny and Uncle Dick. Those damn commanders will just have to do with what they have. I have my eye on Iran now and will need troops there.

As we determine the right force level, my troops can know that I will continue to be guided by the advice that matters: the sobering lies of Uncle Dick, Donny and Condi!

The Iraqi people are looking at decades of tyranny and oppression.

Under the regime of Saddam Hussein,(Thanks to Pres. Raygun & my daddy) the Shia and Kurds were brutally oppressed and the vast majority of Sunni Arabs were also denied their basic rights while senior regime officials enjoyed the privileges of unchecked power like me.
The challenge facing Iraqis today is how to get rid of me and come together to build a new Iraq that includes all of its people.

They are doing that by building the world's largest terrorist organization and that fits right in with my plans for a never-ending war. Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion and equal justice under law.....Hahahahahohoho....hehehe.

The Iraqis have held an election based on my rules. The next step is shove my constitution down their throats permanently. I plan to expand the constitutional drafting committee to include all the new terrorists groups that have assembled in Iraq.
That is essential to MY future.

After my experts write the constitution, the Iraqi people will have a chance to dip their fingers in that pretty purple ink again. It won't matter since Diebold has already prepared the winning ticket! Of course that is subject to change since someone keeps picking off the leaders I have appointed.

The combination of political and military tom foolery will lay a solid foundation for an occupied Iraq.

As Iraqis are subdued, the effects are being felt beyond Iraq's borders. Can you feel it America?

Before our coalition liberated Iraq, Libya was openly pursuing nuclear weapons. Today the leader of Libya has moved his chemical and nuclear weapons programs to Iran. How convenient for my Axis of Evil plans.

My strategy it to get that Iraqi oil and to keep Halliburton pumping those big green ones my way for years to come.

The rise of freedom in this vital region will stifle my plans & provide conditions that might cause the Iraqis to rise up and kick my ass.

I have more work to do, and there will be tough moments when you uncover more of my lies.

I am fighting against Liberals who are armed with the truth and that is a lethal weapon that can be used against my atrocities. They respect the laws of warfare and morality. They curse at the taking of innocent lives & other chaos that is shown in the damned liberal media.

They will fail at shaking my will in Iraq just as they failed to see that I had been appointed king of the U.S. on 12-12-2000.

The Liberals do not understand me. I stay the course under threat and I will not allow those damned car bombs and assassins to be used against me.

I demand the courage of you fighting men and women. You must be steadfast in the face of those evil liberals. You must fight them there because I don't want them inside this country where they might fry my dumb ass.

I know what is at stake here and I accept the burden of continuing my $60,000 an hour trips on that luxury plane (AF One) and I will keep you in the fight until I get everything my rich bitch friends want.

America has done difficult work in the past. From the fight for her independence, to the dark days of civil war, to WWII, never has the world seen so many lies from those damned liberals, like Bill Clinton who should have eradicated all evil in the world before I had myself appointed president, hopefully for life.

I will hold firm because I have always believed that if I am not confronted I gain strength. Yet those liberals are beginning to grow a spine and they have the audacity to question my ever changing stories.

Downing Street Memos, my ass! That damn Blair can't keep a secret.

In this time of testing, I need you, the troops behind me at all times. Next week, on the 4th of July, I will take the opportunity to use as many of you as possible by flying the flag, sending rubber stamped letters to the families of the deceased and by convincing as many of you as possible that you need to take another cut in pay or benefits.

At this time when we celebrate our freedom, I thank you for your courage under fire and your service to my cause. Now I must end with one of those corny endings that will shut up those damn liberals for several days.

I thank our military families. The burden of war falls especially hard on you. TOUGH! You knew what you were getting into when your hero signed on that dotted line.

In this war, good men and women who left our shores to fight because of my lies and did not live to make the journey home.

I've never attended a funeral with those lower class families grieving the loss of loved ones and I don't intend to start today so shut up about photographing those damn coffins at Dover AFB.

I will pray that the families continue to support my efforts to enrich my good buddies at Halliburton, Kellogg, Root,Brown, etc. The best way to honor me is to complete my mission.
I thank those of you who've re-enlisted compliments of Rumsfeld's stop loss orders. hehehehehe

And to those watching tonight who are considering a military career, there is no higher calling than service for king George, your god and savior, whether you know it or not.

I live in AWOLness because my daddy had the green stuff to make sure that I never had to put up with the shit that you clowns are enduring.

When the history of this period is written, the destruction of Afghanistan & Iraq will be great turning points in the return of slavery in our great country, unless those &%$&%*@^&# liberals & progressives manage to wake up you sheep.

After September 11, 2001, I turned on the tears for your benefit, AFTER a 4 day drunk and AFTER Uncle Dick threatened to kick my cowardly ass if I did get it on AF One and get back to DC to carry out his PNAC plans. After all he and I were the ring leaders in revising and carrying out Operation Northwoods..... now known as Operation 9-11. Whew! That one had me sweating for a while.

I must prevail as my enemies are brutal but they are no match for the great George Bush as I know I can order the military to do any damn thing I say and that greedy, wimpy Congress will only roll over yet again! Damn who would have ever thought that a brain damaged, dry drunk could wreak such havoc with no interference?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the pious, religious ending. May God bless all you little suckers.


Thank you very much little sheeple. And God bless. Bless you, bless you, bless you...

(Ooooops... in open mike..... "was that good enough to do a snowjob on those sonovabitches in the Senate? Reckon they noticed that this is the same damn thing I said a yr ago?)

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

New Pope is a Disaster

Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor of the world's largest circulation progressive Jewish magazine, TIKKUN.........

"Ratzinger is being falsely described as a conservative, when in fact he, despite his publicly genteel manner, is a raging reactionary. Unlike many American conservatives who oppose gay sexual practices but not their legal rights, Ratzinger in 1992 argued against human rights for gays, stressing that their civil liberties could be "legitimately limited."

Dr. Matthew Fox- -Why should we be surprised that the current Catholic hierarchy, who elevated Cardinal Law the poster boy for pedophile clergy, to a special place of power in Rome, has just elected Cardinal Ratzinger as pope? The “Yes Men” of Pope John Paul II’s church have chosen one of their own who is guaranteed to play the Punitive Father. Cardinal Ratzinger is living proof of the dictum coined by Catholic historian Lord Acton when he said “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Ratzinger, far from supporting movements of justice, has committed his career to silencing those who have and elevating the rich and powerful, such as Escriva, fascist sympathizer and founder of opus dei, to sainthood. It is a sad day and a decisive one for the Roman Catholic Church.

This is what I find most offensive about this Pope. He was george bu$h's choice for Pope! Gallup has a poll today that show that American Catholics say they will rely on their own conscience, to make their choices, not that of 'Pope Ratzinger'.

However as this article points out, many American Catholics voted for bu$h because of his so-called stand on Abortion. So much for using their own mind huh?

FOCUS New Pope Intervened in US Election in Bush's Favor

And a couple more comments..................

Why abortion rate is up in Bush years
When Bush took office, the nation's abortion rates were at a 24-year low, after a 17.4 percent decline during the 1990s. Enter George W. Bush in 2001. One would expect the abortion rate to continue its consistent course downward, if not plunge. Instead, the opposite happened.

Under Bush, the decade-long trend of declining abortion rates appears to have reversed. Given the trends of the 1990s, 52,000 more abortions occurred in the United States in 2002 than would have been expected before this change of direction.

In 16 states, there were 16,392 fewer marriages than the year before, and 7,869 more abortions. As male unemployment increases, marriages fall and abortion rises.

Women worry about health care for themselves and their children. Since 5.2 million more people have no health insurance now than before this presidency -- with women of childbearing age overrepresented in those 5.2 million -- abortion increases.

It’s a man thing
Gene Lyons

"If men become too close to other men, then they are always vulnerable to this accusation of, ‘ Oh, you must be gay, ’" one psychologist told the Times. Indeed, most of the article consists of twentysomething guys explaining the exact rules for being vulnerable and sensitive without seeming faggy. Suffice it to say they’re more complicated than the infield fly rule.

Also completely unnecessary after you grow up. First, you know who you are, whatever you are. Second, once you start playing that game, it’s easy to end up like a certain president I could name, swaggering around in macho costumes like a member of the Village People.§ion=Editorial&storyid=114048

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

It's the Rat!

Ratzinger named as Pope! Sheeze!

George bu$h's choice.... that's bad news folks!

Another Tid-Bit on the Pope +


In resonse to Ms Margaret Mooney's letter:

Soon the Hopeless will no longer be Popeless and Popefuls in the wings waiting will
all be Poped out but One.
* * * * * * * * *

HARPER'S WEEKLY - April 19, 2005 -

Catholic cardinals convened a conclave, and a Christian radio talk-show host was fired for questioning whether the dead pope would go to heaven. One-foot-tall talking Jesus,David, Mary, and Moses dolls will be sold in June.

And absolutely nothing to do with the Pope:

A scientist cataloged 395 different species of bacteria in the lower intestines of three healthy humans, andentomologists named three newly discovered species of slime-mold beetle after George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld.

What an insult to slime-mold beetles everywhere!

Name that Pope !

What a fun way to start a blog! I can only speculate on a name if Ratzinger is selected and he decides to use a variation of his own name....about as likely as George bu$h becoming the Pope!

Let's see Pope Rats Zinger1, Pope Zinger, Pope Ratz,...... hehehe!

DER SPIEGEL asks........Pope Ringo George I?This week the cardinals are sequestered in Vatican City as they undergo the arduous and mystery-bathed process of electing a successor to John Paul II. But after a pope is chosen, the first question he will be asked -- either by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger if he isn't tapped as the man in the white robe or someone else if he is -- will be what his name should be. Oddly, in this otherwise strictly regulated process, there are no rules regarding the naming of popes - each can choose whatever moniker he wants.

The British have long joked that John Paul II should be succeeded by George Ringo I as the ultimate tribute to the Beatles. Sadly, there's fat chance of this highly original idea coming to fruition. In the history of the papacy, only one pope has taken office with a name shared by no pope before him: Pope Lando, who had a very brief stint at the helm of the Catholic Church from 913-914. Generally, popes are conservative in choosing their names - and the names they adopt from previous papacies often reflect the traditions the new pope will adopt. Karol Wojtyla, or John Paul II, used his name as an homage to John Paul I, the "laughing pope," who only served 33 days in office. Odds suggest the new pope will have one of these common papal names: John (which has appeared 23 times), Gregory (16), Benedict (15), Clement (14), Leo (13), Innocent (13), Pius (12), Boniface (9), Alexander (8) and Paul (6).

This just begs the question: Has anyone invented a pope name game yet? If so, please send to us here.