Monday, January 28, 2008

State of the Union...The Speech Dubya Would Like to Give.

Good Evening!

Ms. Speaker ---Hi Sweetie. Hasn't it been a fabulous year? Vice Dick... Yo Dead Eye, thanks for keeping that squirmy little Dennis Kucinich and his impeachment resolution out of my face.
Waves and points to where members of the Supreme Court are sitting.... A special thanks to the fabulous Supreme 5 for putting me in this office. It's been fun guys! Good evening to you.
Anyway, I'm so thankful, and so gracious—I'm gracious that my brother Jeb was governor of Florida in 2000. AND Kat Harris....Damn I miss seeing that bitch in this grand audience.

Every time I come to this rostrum, I chuckle with glee that all you suckers have to bend over and kiss my ass for another year and what a year it's been! I recall one speech in this chamber when I told you that our differences in these two chambers will discussed in a civil manner.
Snicker...giggle.... I can't believe you Democrats and your damn fool bi-partisanship! Thanks DemoRats for a FABULOUS 7 yrs. Just watch what I have in store for you in my final year IF I decide that it is my final year.

I told you that I (ME... the Decider) will make choices that determine the future and the character of my country. Hehehehehe! You didn't have a clue when I talked about charting a different course. Sorry about that missing surplus but we had to fight against those terrorists over there so they don't come over here.

Pay down an unprecedented amount of the national debt? Did I say that? Oooops, sorry about that...hehehehe.... Well, you know those damn terrorists just messed up my grand plans. Thanks again Uncle Dick. Enjoying that off shore account in Dubai?? Money left over from paying down that debt... ho ho ho ROTFLMAO! What a speech!
Every year this speech just gets better & better!
Whew! What a trip! "I don't particularly like it when people put words in my mouth, by the way, unless I say it".

Oh boy ('scuse me Osama errrrr uh ah Obama...sorry about that. hehehehe) did I ever pursue those terrorists! Poor Osama (hehehehe) ........ sorry about that old bud. Enjoying my ranch in Paraguay? How about those weekenders at my favorite pig farm in Crawford, Texas? We've had some great times, eh? (snickering ) You still owe me for getting your family & friends out of the U.S. immediately after Uncle Dick's 9-11 adventure. You and Kenny Boy having a good time? YEAH! (Thumbs up)

Yep, I warned you about that radical Islam and called my best bud, Osama a terrorist. You didn't have a clue that it was my secret code to the 9-11 gang to get prepared did you? Too late now suckers. I own you body and soul thanks to those handy telephone tapping games!

As for those Iraqis, their population has been reduced to where they will have very little competition in their businesses. They can now sit back and enjoy their new found freedom under the protection of MY army for the next hundred years.

Hey, how do you like that great big embassy in Iraq? Oh, you don't know about that? Surprise! Surprise! It is the world's largest embassy. You didn't think that I, The Commander Guy, was going to do anything half-assed did you? Big! Big! Big! That's my motto as your commander in chief.

"My administration has been calling upon all the leaders in the—in the Middle East to do everything they can to stop the violence, to tell the different parties involved that peace will never happen." (Bushism) Yep... We're gonna be there a long, long time. Get used to it.

You get any ideas about messing with me, the Decider & you'll get a bad case of whoopass. Just ask Joe Wilson & Valerie Plame! They don't call me king george for nothing!

My secret government still bothering you? Tough! I'm the Decider, the commander guy & I make my own rules. If you don't believe it go to the White House web site and read all MY LAWS. I have a signing statement for every occasion.

Me, torture prisoners? Prove it suckers! You ain't got nothing on george bush that I don't have something on you that will overcome your silly accusations.

Now for the current situation. Damn, do I have to solve everything? While I was busy with my highly successful wars (Yes they are successful because I say so) somebody was screwing around with the economicals of this country. Now I have to solve this mess or at least cover it up till I get my comfortable, rich ass propped up in Paraguay. Hey, wanna buy a fabulous pig farm in Texas to help my economical situation?

Anyhow, I'm going to stimulate this mess caused by Wal Wall Street by giving you a big fat check but first I have to get something on those damn Democrats so they don't stick that food stamp crap back in my fabulous bill. Of course they will try to take out my fabulous tax breaks for my rich buddies too. There really ought to be a law against being a DemoRAT.

So, you little old peons are going to get a big fat check....might be as much as $600... and I want to you to get off your welfare asses and spend that thing as fast as you can. Thanks to me you are going to be rich, rich rich so...Go shopping. Spend, spend, spend just like I do. Gotta get that money moving around to make it look like the economicals is rebounding in the remaining months of my term as your un-elected pRes.

Ha! ha! ha! Just popped into my head that some of you might still be pissed because those fabulous Supremes appointed me, when that damn Al Gore was counting and showing that he might win. Too bad losers!

The agenda I have set before you tonight is worthy of a great man like me. Just think when you walk through that Statuary's Hall in the Capitol building you can be visualizing what my statue will look like. Make it big and fabulous.

I came here for a reason. I have kept my promise to those fabulous corporations. I don't give a damn about you middle class & welfare queens. You will be working for my buddies for the rest of your miserable lives for minimum wage. If you want to crawl out of those crumbling huts & repossessed houses you will have to get your fat asses to Harvard or Yale like I did and get that "C' average.

Then you can be presudent, just like me! In the meantime here's to you dumb klutzes who will never be as importantical as me....

Praise the Lord and goodnight.

Exit podium with both middle fingers held high!
Back at ya Dubya! And in old fashioned Southernese, Kiss my Grits!
May your last year in office be a living hell ....FOR YOU!

It's only fair after we were forced to tolerate your ugly, smirking ass for 7 long years, going on 8.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wake Up America: Dubya’s New and Unimproved Screw You America Scheme

GOOD MORNING AMERICA! Wake up and get your lazy ass out of bed. You are about to be the recipient of another george bush screwing in the form of a tax rebate.

Remember that magnificent tax refund/rebate check that you got early in 2001? I wonder how many of you had to repay that whopping "refund". I know a number of people who had to do just that.

Do you recall the screeches of righteous indignation coming from the little peons on the republican side of the isle when they learned they had been royally screwed. Those poor fools are still working minimum wage jobs & believing king george when he tells that they can be president just like him some day. Gosh, all it takes is a 'c' average. Dubya just leaves out that minor detail....that they must have someone with the money to buy the 'c' and then steal the election for them.

No big deal. Right? Yep.... they are going to be rich, rich, rich..... some day. They know that because king george told them so and we know george never tells a lie does he? (I actually typed that without ROTFLMAO).

But back to the george bush refund, rebate or whatever he is calling it.

The first figure I heard was an $800 rebate. Someone else mentioned $1000 and then later on I heard a figure of $250! Your guess is as good as mine as to which figure, if any of them are correct. What common sense tells "We the People" is that it's drop in the bucket..... some more of that trickle down economics which has kept us waiting for over 25 years for that windfall and........ still waiting. This magnificent rebate is just another dirty trick, an attempt to save themselves.... the mighty 1%!

That working person who lives paycheck to paycheck has a better grasp of economics than all those "professionals" who are being paid by us to handle the economic business of this country. All it takes is a little common sense to figure out that we cannot spend more than we have, that if we have a credit card we must keep it under control at all times.

Alan Greenspan, in an interview on Democracy Now, said that we Americans need to be paid less, that we make too much money. Now you don't think he was talking about those Wall Street CEO's who paid themselves over $32 BILLION in bonuses as the financial situation in this country continues to worsen do you?

I have an idea. Why don't we take back that 32 Billion+ and give it to those in minimum wage jobs? The people who have 'busted' their asses to make money for those greedy corporations....that elite 1%? By the way, why don't they pay Social Security on all their income, same as us little old peons? Seems to me that might help solve the national debt AND save Social Security!

Rebate? Economic stimulus? If you believe this once again, you deserve what's coming. If you believe Bush when he expresses concern then you should take a closer look at that ever present smirk. He's no more concerned about you than he is about one of the frogs that he tortured by shoving a firecracker up it's butt & watching it explode.

Did you ever notice how pained Dubya looks when he has to pretend to be concerned about something? Yep, people when you see that painful look on Bush's face don't believe for a minute that it's because he is concerned about you. He doesn't give a damn about you. He is in panic mode because his Wall Street buddies are in trouble.

He's panicking because "We the People" have reached the point where, because our jobs have been outsourced & tax breaks have gone to those who need it the least, that we can no longer support him, the wealthiest of the wealthy. He is panicking because the top 1% may have to start supplementing each other. (Now that might be fun to watch!)

So much for that great supply side economics! The bottom line for 'Bushonomics' is that it would be more appropriately named piss on people economics.

By the way, where is Dubya going to get the billions needed for this rebate? Why borrow it, of course & most likely from the Chinese!

And here we were worried about those big bad terrorists while Dubya & Dead Eye Dick have been selling out the country to the very people who most likely have the capacity to attack us. But then why should they attack when they own most of our national debt, they are selling us billions in crappy or poisonous manufactured goods & buying up businesses in the U.S.? They are taking over our country from the inside out. No need to sacrifice their goose stepping soldiers & all those pretty tanks.

Yeah..... Wake up America indeed. Impeachment is off the table according to Goddess Nancy Pelosi? Why would her Royal Do-Nothingness take impeachment off the table when these fools have done more than all the other administrations combined to destroy our country from the inside out?

Because she's one of them??

This picture & the positioning of Dubya in front of the sign in the back ground inadvertently says it all!

End of conversation? Not if you don't want it to be. Not if you care about your country. Rebate my arse! It's impeachment time!

Please Cut the Crap! George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney must be impeached, and the process must start now. There are no excuses left. It doesn't matter if the process gets dragged out until we're into the next election cycle. It doesn't matter if Bush and Cheney are thrown out on their asses on January 19, 2009, and Nancy Pelosi only has one day as a caretaker president. This is no longer about process, and it's no longer about political expediency. This is about our Founders’ most precious gift to us. It's about the rule of law, and justice for all.

Impeach The Crawford SOB and his corrupt administration!

Congress -- 800-828-0498, 800-459-1887 or 800-614-2803 Tell them to impeach those crooked SOB's

Monday, January 21, 2008

Ronald Reagan: Fiscal Disaster

I have to chuckle at the fact that Huffington Post moderating posts before they are allowed to show. I was reading through the comments already posted and several were full of the "F" word not to mention the fact that the writer of this article called Reagan an asshole. So what do they moderate???

Ronald Reagan: Fiscal Disaster

Several interesting charts at above link

Does anyone notice a pattern? In case you have a hard time figuring it out, let me provide some clarity.
-- Reagan -- the fiscal conservative -- never balanced a budget.
-- Reagan -- the fiscal conservative -- never came close to balancing a budget.
-- Reagan -- the fiscal conservative -- never even came remotely close to even thinking about balancing a budget.

So, how did Reagan pay for this? He mired the country is a mammoth explosion of Federal debt.
The fiscally conservative party -- at least in theory -- have indebted this country since 1980 with a mammoth amount of debt.

Saint Ronnie -- the great Saint who many are praising in one form or another -- nearly tripled the national debt. St. Ronnie -- the fiscal conservative who we all should bow down and worship -- paid for his massive expanse of the federal government (because he never balanced a budget) by pawning off the expense on the next generation. St. Ronnie used his great communication skills to tell us this was all somehow OK.

St. Ronnie was an asshole.

magginkat I'm a fan of magginkat)

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I'm not sure which is crazier, those trying to bestow sainthood on Reagan or the rabid right religious rapture nuts. (Perhaps they are the same)

However for any Democrat or Independent to quote Reagan is total insanity. I was trying very hard to like Obama but when he started quoting Reagan I threw in the towel.

What the hell will it take for this country to wake up & get rid of all the nut cases & the common thugs who have taken over the government? Most days, I just want to crawl back in bed and forget the whole damn thing.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

NBC Rewrites its Own Rules to Prevent America from Hearing Kucinich

NBC Rewrites its Own Rules to Prevent America from Hearing Kucinich
As a political writer, I have to follow these endless primary-season debates. But when it comes to NBC's Democratic show-down in Vegas next Tuesday, I'll read the transcript and check out the highlights on YouTube, but I won't tune into NBC's live broadcast.

Would you consider joining me in letting NBC know that we're just sick of this nonsense?
If so, indignant-but-polite is, I've found, the best tone to take when griping to the media about their all-too-frequently-crappy political coverage.

NBC Political Director Chuck Todd notified the Kucinich campaign this morning that, although Kucinich had met the qualification criteria publicly announced on December 28, the network was "re-doing" the criteria, excluding Kucinich, and planning to invite only Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and former senator John Edwards.

Todd notified the Kucinich campaign this morning that the network had decided to change the criteria and limit participation in the debate to only three candidates.

NBC News contact form
MCNBC Feedback
Meet the Press mailbox
Dateline - -
Another one for MSNBC
Update: Here's what I sent to Todd [Update: it bounced back] and the other NBC addresses:

Dear Mr. Todd,
I’m writing to express my dismay about NBC’s decision to re-write its own previously announced criteria in order — specifically, it seems — to exclude Dennis Kucinich, the fourth-place finisher in at least one major national poll, from the Las Vegas debate.

I am not of the belief that Rep. Kucinich has a chance to win the nomination, but that's beside the point. It appears to me that our political press corps, yourself included, are simply blind to the intense feelings of frustration among many of us “out here” in America every time the media tries to narrow the ideological spectrum and limit our political debates. I am among almost 300 million people who have not had an opportunity to cast my vote in the primary, and it is the height of arrogance for you and NBC to tell me, in effect, that only 3 of the 4 candidates who met your announced criteria are acceptable choices, or that only the views of 3 of the 4 are acceptably “mainstream.”

His "viability" is not an issue; Kucinich is not in this race to win. He’s in it to influence the political discourse within the Democratic party, and as a Democratic-leaning independent, I would like to see the full spectrum of Democratic opinions aired and debated. It is maddening to have NBC deny us that process, especially so many months before the convention and with only a few small states having gone to the polls.

But even that isn't nearly as infuriating as the egregious disrespect shown to a member of the House of Representatives who’s been sent back to Washington by his constituents five times. I’ll be frank: to extend the invitation, and then rewrite your own rules in order to withdraw it makes it difficult for me to even maintain a civil tone.

I won’t be watching your debate — it will be the first one I skip — because I don’t want to support the idea that the media decides these elections and the voters are merely an afterthought. I will also write about your network’s hubris on my blog and urge my friends and acquaintances to boycott the debate as well. Hopefully, General Electric will receive a lot of correspondence like this one, see a smaller-than-expected audience and finally figure out that while it has its hands in many businesses, electing a president isn’t one that We the People will accept.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Dear Congressman Wexler

I cannot believe that this Congress has sat on it's ample backside and allowed these thugs to destroy this country from the inside out for this length of time. What will it take to impeach both Cheney and Bush and remove them from office & bring them to trial for the crimes they have committed?

Why are you wasting your time just impeaching Cheney? Bush may act like a dumb country clod but he is mean, vindictive, vile & corrupt to the depths of his rotten soul. Why are you ignoring the facts that are shoved down our throat every day of the week? Are you afraid of this smirking little punk?

I sincerely believe that if one Democratic Congressman ever decides to quit being polite to these thugs & their enablers, the country will give you a standing ovation and will support you to the end. We are crying & pleading for you to stand up to these thugs. Impeachment of Cheney is a start but we need someone in Congress to grow some cajones and quit being nice to these criminal SOBs and impeach both of them.

Surely you can see by now that bipartisanship in this corrupt Congress means bending over for that smirking robber baron who squats in the Oval Office. What the hell makes an entire Congress give in to this common thug? Are some members of Congress being blackmailed with the material that Bush & Cheney have gathered via their illegal email intercepting/telephone tapping endeavors?

There is no other reason on earth, that I can think of, that would explain why anyone would want to support this corrupt administration and what they have done to the Constitution of the United States. Bush & Cheney should have been impeached, removed from office & prosecuted over 5 yrs ago for the multitude of violations of their oath of office & brazen incompetence? Add to that the war crimes and other crimes they have committed and these thugs should now be serving life prison sentences without parole.

A master in Business from Harvard? Pardon me while I ROTFLMAO (roll on the floor laughing my ass off)! It has been obvious to the country & to most of the world for a number of years that George Bush couldn't get a job at McDonalds without help from his family and his rich enablers. He is dumber than a rock & his time in office will require a whole new dictionary to provide definitions for the words corrupt, thuggery, lying and a whole bunch of other adjectives.

I believe that this country is thoroughly pissed off & fed up with these criminals. Get with Dennis Kucinich & re-introduce the call for impeachment & removal from office AND include Bush. The crimes that they have bragged about publicly & rubbed our noses in are enough to call for an impeachment at 8:00 am one morning, send it to the Senate by 10:00 am and have these thugs removed, arrested and in jail by noon. The Constitution allows for that.

Let Nancy Pelosi know that if she keeps pandering to the thugs who have aided and abetted this criminal administration that the same thing will happen to her. It's time to take our country back.

There is no need for a long drawn out investigation. I repeat, they have rubbed your noses (and mine) in their crimes for must of their time in office. They have been public and brazen.

It is way beyond time for this all elected officials to put their country first. I don't give a damn if we hurt the feelings of "poor little Georgie". I say the same thing to him and Cheney that they have been saying to us for seven long years. Go F*ck Yourselves!

Now do you want to hear about an idea that a friend and I concocted to aid in your impeachment efforts?

Write your own letter to Congressman Wexler:

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Looking at America NY Times Style

Every citizen of this country should read this hypocritical editorial and ask why? Why would a newspaper that has been famous for it's 'investigative' reporting for years suddenly roll over for the most corrupt administration to ever get near the Oval Office. I am quoting a few paragraphs with my own added comments in brackets [ ].

1. It was not the first time in recent years we’ve felt this horror, this sorrowful sense of estrangement, not nearly. This sort of lawless behavior has become standard practice since Sept. 11, 2001. [ 9-11 had nothing to do with this sorryass administration.
Everyone uses that as an excuse. This administration started lots of this stuff the as soon as they took office, perhaps before they were even sworn in. You know it. I know it. So stop using 9-11 as an excuse for a fraudulent administration that had every intention of doing exactly what they have been doing for the past 7 long years. Their only surprise has been at how gullible the mainstream media has been & how easy it has been to control them]

2. The country and much of the world was rightly and profoundly frightened by the single-minded hatred and ingenuity displayed by this new enemy. But there is no excuse for how President Bush and his advisers panicked — how they forgot that it is their responsibility to protect American lives and American ideals, that there really is no safety for Americans or their country when those ideals are sacrificed. [This was no panic. It was planned and carried out with the help of news media like the NY Times........... So why the hell are you hiring Kristol, one of the most prolific enablers of this corrupt, dictatorial administration? This administration has never given a royal hoot for American lives, ideals or the U.S. Constitution]

3. We have read accounts of how the government’s top lawyers huddled in secret after the attacks in New York and Washington and plotted ways to circumvent the Geneva Conventions — and both American and international law — to hold anyone the president chose indefinitely without charges or judicial review. [It's called a dictatorship. Honest to heavens, who in their right mind, would want george bush in charge of anything? We know who has been the real president (Dictator) in this administration. So why hasn't President Cheney been impeached, removed from office & prosecuted for crimes against the Constitution of the United States? Could it be because news sources like the NY Times have pandered to these thugs from day one?]

4. Those same lawyers then twisted other laws beyond recognition to allow Mr. Bush to turn intelligence agents into torturers, to force doctors to abdicate their professional oaths and responsibilities to prepare prisoners for abuse, and then to monitor the torment to make sure it didn’t go just a bit too far and actually kill them. [Do you know for a fact that no one was killed in this process? Of course not. The evidence was destroyed. AND the NY Tim
es has been instrumental in covering the crimes of this shyster administration]

5. The White House used the fear of terrorism and the sense of national unity to ram laws through Congress that gave law-enforcement agencies far more power than they truly needed to respond to the threat — and at the same time fulfilled the imperial fantasies of Vice President Dick Cheney and others determined to use the tragedy of 9/11 to arrogate as much power as they could. [Now you are getting closer to the truth. The fear of terrorism is a figment of your (Bush's) imagination. 9-11 was a criminal act that should have been treated as such. The threat & fear
came from this corrupt gang of thugs who were illegally installed in the White House. Dictator Cheney & his PNAC gang has been pulling the strings of the useless, know nothing, 'don't give a damn' puppet every step of the way. Why are you so afraid to speak the truth?]

6. Hundreds of men, swept up on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq, were thrown into a prison in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, so that the White House could claim they were beyond the reach of American laws. [That should read, "Hundreds of men & boys, swept up on the streets of Afghanistan & Iraq..........]

7. In other foreign lands, the C.I.A. set up secret jails where “high-value detainees” were subjected to ever more barbaric acts, including simulated drowning. These crimes were videotaped, so that “experts” could watch them, and then the videotapes were destroyed, after consultation with the White House, in the hope that Americans would never know. [I'm betting that Bush & Cheney held their own private viewings of these films. Picture Boss Hawg, slapping his fat thighs as he laughs uproariously at the 'antics' on the screen]

8. We can only hope that this time, unlike 2004, American voters will have the wisdom to grant the awesome powers of the presidency to someone who has the integrity, principle and decency to use them honorably. Then when we look in the mirror as a nation, we will see, once again, the reflection of the United States of America. [And we Americans can only hope that newspapers like the NY Times will do what they are supposed to do....... to investigate these criminal reports and help the American people find the truth when they demand investigation into the crimes of the top officials in this country, whether they are duly elected or not. American voters have the wisdom to call for the Constitutionally mandated
checks & balances, but what chance do we have of actually accomplishing anything when the mainstream media (the fourth estate) caves to dictators and keeps the truth from the public? Will you have the integrity to do your job & not be neutered by a bully in the Oval Office?

By the way, one thing is glaringly missing from this editorial. Why is the NY Times so afraid of calling for impeaching & removing these criminals from office?