Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Take YOUR Job & Shove It !

Are you sick of the form letters from your rabid right elected (we think) officials. This morning I received one too many of those condescending monstrosities from Sen. Mel Martinez of Florida, spewing the usual bu$h lies about Iran. Some days the stomach can handle only so much.

Dear Mr. Martinez,

I thought george bu$h was a horse's ass (with apologies to horse's asses everywhere) but I do believe that you are trying to lay claim to that title. Do you really think that U.S. Citizens are so damn stupid that they are going to continue to buy into yours and bu$h's lies?

Well, if you do Mr. Martinez, you are in for the education of a lifetime. We don't believe your lying asses anymore. Unlike the squatter in the White House we can and do read. We know that most of the world disputes your brazen lies.

Yes, Iran has a cocky little brat as president but so do we. George bu$h, with your help & unlike the cocky brat from Iran, has murdered over 3000 U.S. soldiers & injured over 20,000 more, some of them are maimed for life. You have murdered over half a million Iraqi citizens for no reason other than to appease that spoiled brat in the oval office who wants to prove that he is a bigger man than his daddy.

Bullschitt! Junior was, is and always will be a lying, cheating, conniving, thief & loser and the minute you latched on to his apron strings you became the same. That goes for everyone else who is singing the praises & repeating the lies of cheney & bu$h. In my humble opinion you are all a bunch of cowards and traitors. I look forward to the day that most of this administration is tried as war criminals & convicted.

The world's worst terrorist, according to articles I have read from multiple countries, is george bu$h and cohorts, doing business in the name of the American people. I'm tired of being considered a terrorist because of the inane and insane actions of the leadership of this country.

As for the President of Iran making harsh comments about Israel, the truth hurts doesn't it? We the People know that the leadership of this country has been supplying the corrupt Israeli government with weapons to murder the Palestinian people and we know that includes nuclear weapons, so can the crap about a Middle East Peace process. It's as phony as a george bu$h speech. The people of Israel may want peace, as do the people of the United States, but unfortunately both countries are headed by two of the most corrupt governments in the history of mankind.

You, Mr. Martinez, did not respond to my concerns. You tried to sell me a pile of bu$h/cheney bullschitt and I'm not buying. Spare me the cock & bull story about this shyster administration working with it's European allies & the U.N. I hate to tell you but telling the world to Go F**k yourself is not considered "working" with anyone and that is all this good for nothing administration has done.

Please do not insult my intelligence by sending me another of your damned form letters with it's george bu$h approved lies and bullschitt. Yes, I am aware that I wrote bu$h with small letters and a dollar sign.... same for cheney.
I write their names with small letters because it is appropriate for the kind of people they are, very small indeed. AND you, Mr. Martinez are the same as you support the murder and mayhem created by bu$h and his thugs.

What will it take to convince you war loving fools to get your heads out of your ass and stop the insanity?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Carl Rants.................

Much of Florida should be abandoned unless honest and trust worthy building codes are enforced. Year after year the state becomes nothing but flying sticks from match box construction that should be outlawed. Close to sixty year ago it was Jim Bailey calling, "Come on down the pompanos are jumping out of the bays and lagoons right on the plates to welcome you suckers. Contrary to what we see from the helicopters after the storms pass can only be the results of a Republican population reduction scheme could allow what just happened. The plans are by builders and lobbyist who live in Switzerland, the Andes and Manhattan.

American's are spending billions to see their children blown to bits in the sands of Arabia. Those who come home have no lives. "Look at me I got my new legs. Look at them 40/50 year later if the live that long not even able to get out of bed when the God damn building is burning down. There stands Bush like the colossus of Rhodes saying it cannot hurt me I have on my water proof underwear.

A radio is just another gadget from China with 150% markup. Buy some of the new hooks. A baby can push them through the sheet, but look what happens when Mommy goes to push one in and she hits steel lollicolumn. Blood all over the basement but that bastard with his high pitched voice is long gone.

Carl Johnson .... NY