Friday, June 23, 2006

Cut & Run Liberals

I want to be perfectly clear about this. We liberals really do want to cut and run. I admit it. We are cut and run liberials, just as Karl Rove alleges. More than that, I am proud of it and encourage more Americans to join us. We are liberal/progressives and, damn it, we want to cut and run:

We want to cut and run from the borrow and spend, borrow and spend economics of the GOP that have piled an additional $4 trillion in debt onto our children, grand children and great grand children.

We want to cut and run from the unholy alliance between the GOP and energy companies that have left us at the mercy of a bunch of medieval Islamic tribal leaders who run their own countries like feudal states and treat their own people -- especially their women -- worse than Americans treat farm animals.

We want to cut and run from a national health care system designed by and for giant health care and pharmaceutical interests, that enriches a few while leaving 45 million Americans without affordable health insurance.

We want to cut and run from a government which, over the past six years, has become not only increasingly closed to public scrutiny and accountability, but overtly hostile and suspicious of citizens who insist on either.

We want to cut an run from a style of governance that not only plays on fear and petty prejudices, but cultivates and exploits them for cheap political gain. The cynical, dishonest purposeful pitting of majority populations against minority groups on the grounds that they don't share “American values,” and then later deny responsibility for the entirely predictable destructive consequences of those tactics.

We want to cut and run from policies that view science and scientists as adversaries whose findings must sometimes be suppressed, while embracing, even endorsing, religious dogmas that have no basis in fact whatsoever.

We want to cut and run from GOP economic polices that have handed the already wealthy a couple of trillion dollars in tax cuts while leaving working Americans payroll tax virtually untouched.

We want to cut and run from GOP economics that argue – with a straight face – that the minimum wage of $5.15 an hour should not be raised to a still unlivable $7.25 an hour because doing so would “hurt low wage workers.”

We want to cut and run from policies that scoff at mandating substantially higher fuel millage standards, even as the fossil fuels run out and the effects of global warming become more apparent with each passing day.

We want to cut and run from policies that justify turning “the land of the free and home of the brave,” into place where none of us can any longer feel sure that the government isn't listening to our private phone calls, reading our emails or isn't keeping an eye on us from a pole-mounted camera on the corner.

We want to cut and run from an administration that wraps inconvenient truths in the opaque blanket of national security while justifying selective disclosure of classified information for purely political reasons -- such as the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame, and the now discredited disclosures that Iraq had tried to buy uranium ore from Niger.

We want to cut and run from policies that allow religious extremists to determine what medical procedures or family planning medications women will be allowed access to.

We want to cut and run from policies that allow our government to decide which American citizens will be allowed to enter into legally recognized committed relationships, and which will be banned by law from doing so.

We want to cut and run from policies that encourage counseling and treatment for Americans suffering from alcohol addiction, but incarceration for those suffering drug addiction.We want to cut and run from cynically selective policies that treat some dictators as friends of America and others as enemies requiring a deadly dose of regime change.

We want to cut and run from policies that are increasingly militarizing entirely domestic matters, such as internal terrorist threats, border control and domestic law enforcement, particularly the gathering of intelligence on political groups and movements.

We want to cut and run from policies that allow industries government is supposed to regulate for the public good, to write the very rules under which they will be regulated.

Do we want to cut and run from Iraq? I wish the hell we could. But that fat is already in the fire. Liberals understand we can't cut and run from Iraq. But whose fault is it that we're stuck there now? Not ours, that's for sure. We would like to see US troops leave Iraq as soon as possible -- but not in a way that would make matters worse for ordinary Iraqis than our invasion already has.In the meantime we are not about to let the very neocons that got us into that mess shift the blame onto liberials who oppose the war.

You guys started it and that dead chicken is hung around your necks, not ours. So, Karl, stop the blame-shifting and wear it like man.

But Karl is right when he calls us "cut and run liberals." As you can see the list of things we do want to cut and run from is a long one. We are cut and run liberals. And proud of it.
By Steve Pizzo

Saturday, June 17, 2006

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A couple days after the Bush Administration announced the death of Zarqawi, for the umpteenth time, came the news that the safe house where this terrorist lived had produced a miracle. Mr. Zarqawi had left all sorts of information about his operation for Lucky George. Computers and documents were found in the rubble with tons of information that was going to put Al-Qaeda out of business!

Amazing isn't it? George Bush must be the luckiest man alive. First came Operation 9-11 when the WTC collapsed in it's own tracks after being burned so viciously by jet fuel that it melted steel, a feat that had never happened before and hasn't happened since then. Lo and behold, out of the burning inferno came a passport with the name of one of the terrorists with not a speck of damage! Now we have Operation Zarqawi producing an absolute treasure trove of information that survived two 500 lb bombs that pulverized the building.

I'm not really surprised since this same inferno left Mr. Zarqawi with only a few scratches on his face which made it child's play to identify him, assuming, of course, that this is the final death of Mr. Zarqawi.......IF it is the mad terrorist!

After all, George has been so lucky that only a few of those "Liberal Media" types have questioned the disappearing /reappearing leg or the chubby face/skinny face on Mr. Zarqwai! They haven't mentioned the film of a supposed Zarqawi who didn't know how to fire a gun while wearing his shiny new, white Nike shoes! OR the gold ring that defies Muslim teachings? What Luck!

Yep! In all my years I have never observed such luck in another person as what I have seen with George Bush. Damn, who would have ever thought that the Supreme Court 5 would step up and appoint a president? Who would have thought that U.S. citizens would so readily accept the electronic voting machines and no one but a few Liberals would dare question a machine that has been used in banks for several generations producing paper receipts could suddenly NOT produce that same receipt in an election? What luck!

Has anyone else ever announced that if you were not with the man occupying the Oval Office that your were with the terrorists? Has anyone else ever bankrupted the country, yet be looked upon as a god like figure? Good old Christian George! Have you ever encountered any other "Christian" who was responsible for so much hatred & division within his own country?

All he has had to do is smirk, mangle the English language & make stupid jokes to turn the attention away from the fact that he is destroying this country from the inside out with his bumbling, incompetence. Yet, the talking heads make excuses for this poor little momma's boy who has never had to accept responsibility for any of his own actions or the lack of action such as we witnessed on the morning of Sept 11, 2001.

Did you ever in your wildest imagination think that the conservative Republicans who screamed with righteous indignation every time a Democrat suggest a bill that would benefit lots of people would go on the craziest spending spree in the history of man kind that benefited only a few? AND that they would get away with this spend crazy routine for over 4 yrs before people started asking questions? What kind of luck is that?!

Who would have ever thought that an entire Congress could have been ordered to heel like an obedient dog & that they would fall in lockstep with this bumbling moron? Spy on U.S. citizens? No problem. Arlen Specter will introduce a bill that will not only excuse your crimes but will make it retroactive. Damn this sounds like a Babs (Barbara) Bush special order to protect her poooooor little boy?!!

Yep, Bab's boy is one lucky son of a bitch and this Proud Liberal Bitch is freaking tired of all the excuses for the Bush boy crimes.

It's about damn time that George Bush's man made luck comes to a screeching halt. Just how much more of this crap are you going to take? Are you going to sit on your ample arses and allow this pathetic excuse for a human being to totally destroy this country from the inside out, aided and abetted,for another two years, by the most corrupt Congress to ever sit in those hallowed halls? Do you sincerely believe that if we manage to elect a Democratic majority in either the House or the Senate that it will change anything?

I suggest to you that the only change we will see is the face lift...... a more polite, bi-partisan
Congress that will still be beholden to the mighty corporations. As you have seen there is no bi-partisanship when Republicans are in charge. It's their way or no way..... "you're either with us or agin' us" to more or less quote George of the Jungle! BULLSCHITT!

You've seen what 5 plus years of that has done to this country, it's citizens and it's good name. Are you going to allow it to continue? Or do you see, now, that we need to get the corporations out of the business of government and we damn sure need to get rid of Lucky George!

Consider this: Can we, state by state, outlaw donations (bribes) to anyone running for public office?

Can We The People take the needed steps to see that never again will a 'Lucky George' and a corrupt, one party Congress come together to try to destroy our country from the inside out?

Can we reach the stage where, if a Supreme Court decides to make a law that applies to only one person, one time, that we will impeach the guilty party & remove them from office?

Most importantly of all, can we get back to a Congress that truly represents the people and not a party or a single man or woman?

Lucky George needs to be impeached, removed from office, prosecuted for the crimes he has committed, all his ill-gotten assets seized to offset some of the damage he has done and given a life prison sentence without possibility of parole. The same goes for most of his administration and a large number of Congress people.

Loss of money and power is the only thing these crooks will ever understand. Lucky US if we can ever make it happen!

Friday, June 09, 2006

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Good Riddance Tom Delay

Good Riddance to the sorriest piece of corrupt Texas trash to ever invade the halls of Congress. You make old foul mouth Lyndon Johnson look like a kindly Sunday School teacher. Tricky Dick Nixon looks like the Pope next to your ugly smirking face.

I'm going to give you the same advice that I gave Kat House Harris when she whines about Liberals. For starters you wouldn't know the meaning of the word liberal if it walked up and bit you on the ass. I suggest that you invest in a copy of Roget's Thesaurus and let some "truthiness" (Thanks again Stephen Colbert) enter that foul, corrupt brain of yours.

Liberal is described as Generous, Tolerant, Enlightened, Broadminded and Charitable.

Conservative on the other hand is described as Stingy, Greedy, Biased, Reactionary, Bigoted, Narrow-minded, Miserly & Regressive. That's you Tommy boy! Additionally, you are a nasty, vindictive, mean Son of a Bitch who would probably blow your own mother's brain's out if it enriched you in any way.

The hypocrisy and the lies that spew from your mouth is beyond belief. If there was a god he would have you on a skewer doing a slow roast in hell for an eternity. I cannot think of any other human being who deserves it more than you, not even Osama Bin Laden!

Jesus Christ was a Liberal and proud of it. If that man was alive today he would have thrown you out of the temple years ago. You, on the other hand, would be attacking him with your vile name calling, the same as you have done to people who got in the way of your corrupt agenda. If Jesus was here today you would be blaming him for all the evil that you have conducted throughout your life, just as your are blaming liberals now.

You have the balls to call yourself a Christian. You gotta be schittin' me! If you are a Christian, I am the Virgin Mother. Just ask my kids! You could turn Jesus Christ against Christianity if you were an example of said religion.

You, Tom Delay, are one of the most despicable human beings alive today. And I am probably giving you way too much credit by calling you a human. If our forefathers could come back today and pass judgment on your actions over the years, you would be lucky to get away with a tarring and feathering followed by a good old fashioned hanging. You are a traitor, plain and simple and in every sense of the word.

I am a Liberal, Tom Delay.......... Proud Liberal Bitch to be exact. I wouldn't wipe my ass on the likes of you. When I see nasty, vindictive, vile, pigs like you it makes me wish that there was a hell of the kind that you rabid right extremists tell me that I will face. 'Revelations' would have a field day with your rotten, lying ass!

In ending allow me to say this. If there happens to be a heaven and IF you, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condi Rice, etc., are examples of what will be there with me, I fucking refuse to have any part of it!

GOOD RIDDANCE! May this country never again have to tolerate the likes of you.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hot Damn! George need a boost in the polls so we killed Zarqawi again!

Is Tony Blair insane? Is CNN bonkers? I got up this morning and turned on my TV to hear Blair giggling and the headline running across the screen that Al-Zarqawi has been killed for the umpteenth time! CNN was running commentary about this bad guy being killed in Baghdad and showing a map of Boston! Maybe I turned on my TV at the wrong time but I found Blair's giggling to be downright weird. This guy seemed to be so excited that he probably peed his pants behind the podium.

Miles O'Brien is practically having an orgasm as he announces that "Plenty of ordinance was applied to this building." This is military terms people, sez Miles!

Posting friend Puma Claws said, "Yeah, I just saw that on the Yahoo news. Ain't that the one-legged dude they already killed 3 or 4 times? Yanno, the one they killed in Jordan and then he hobbled on over to Iraq where they shot him in the lung a couple of times, so he hobbled to Iran to get his lungs sewn up, so he could get back to Iraq and get blown up a couple of weeks later, and then they killed him once or twice after he got blown up, and now he died again. Kewl, yanno"

Yeah Puma, Kewl! Hot Damn!